Crash due to two bouncetraps pointed at each other (not my discovery)

Reddit user u/NiprinYtp found that seed 804111930 on Octavo (not sure if Story or Single Char) generates an overworld tile (location in Reddit post) with two adjacent bounce traps pointing at each other. Attempting to touch either immediately crashes the game.

Thank you! This was from before the patch yesterday, right? I am pretty confident that the new seed generation prevents this specific layout but I will follow up with the team regardless.

Oh, I was looking at top posts on the subreddit when the DLC came out and didn’t notice that this one was made a few weeks ago. Oops!

No worries, I got confirmation that the crash will at least no longer occur even if the springs are generated like that :slight_smile:

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That’s good to know that this is no longer an obscure issue