Crash everytime i try to load my game

I tried to start my game by clicking on continue and the game crash and a unreal engine pop-up appears, i do that multiple times and it still doesn’t work so i create a new game and it doesn’t change anything the game crash when i try to continue.


Did you have this issue in the main game, or in the experimental branch (if you’re not sure, then you’re likley playing the main game)

Can you zip up your save game and submit it to the forums here.

Also please upload the crash data from UE4 as that’s helpful too

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I am having the same trouble as Angel. I tried to find the files through the instructions that you posted, but my computer did not find them. I have created a zip of the Titan folder within the Industries of Titan folder in my Program Files folder.

So it doesn’t seem that I am able to include the file in a reply. It gets to 2% upload and then stops with no explanation

You should be able to put


into windows explorer and it will take you to the save game directory. You need the % signs as that’s a windows variable.

With the forum changes uploading a file is slightly different, but there’s a kind of ‘disk with an up arrow’ in the forum toolbar where you can upload zip files. How big is the zip file you’re uploading? I know the limit was 5MB but I think they increased it today so it should work.

I was definitely looking at the wrong file before. As a note, the post you made earlier had Titan with a capital T, which didn’t work, but a lower case t (as you just posted) did. Not sure why that’s relevant, but I thought I’d let you know :slight_smile:
The new file is too big even when zipped (5,839 KB and the forum is telling me max is 4,096KB). I made a copy of the folder and then deleted what I think are previous save files as per the link you posted earlier suggested. Here it is. GameData - (3.5 MB)

Thanks so much for all your help!

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@Angel @Zemooiscool - I do need to know what version of the game you were playing still :slight_smile:
Also, Zemooiscool - I tried loading an older save of yours and it still works! So you may need to go back a couple saves to load your game. We’ll try and get it fixed anyways, but if you still wanted to play on that save file you might try doing that.

Thanks @byg_alexa. As far as a I know, I’m playing the main game. Is there a way to tell? Out of curiosity, how do I play the experimental mode? It sounds fun!
I will keep playing off of the earlier saved versions that work. Thanks for letting me know, and of course thanks for the help!

Experimental version is another separate game in your library - you may have to scroll down in your installed games to find it. The version of the game is located in the bottom left corner on the main menu, and on the bottom right corner while in-game.