Crash While scrolling in map view - connected mine issue

Build Number / Patch Number: p20589
Seed Number:1461016179
Type of Bug: Crash
Blocking Progression: No
Result of Save/Load:
Short description:

was mouse scroll wheel zoom out in city mode

Was also having issues with connected mine in BET-45 and DEL-55. Wondering if there’s an issue if the connected mine isn’t properly connected via power nodes? Aka 1 mine is powered but the other half isn’t actually connected in the grid. The mine works, but it may be causing issues in general? I’m recreating the connected mine to see if the new one beside it beahves better


Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x00000000

Titan_Win64_Shipping!UBYGNavigationDriveable::PathfindToFromTile() [C:\BuildAgent\work\bdc308496d447b55\Titan\Source\Titan\World\Management\Navigation\BYGNavigationDriveable.cpp:117]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!UBYGLaborManagement::GameTick() [C:\BuildAgent\work\bdc308496d447b55\Titan\Source\Titan\World\Management\BYGLaborManagement.cpp:2521]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!UBYGHeart::Update() [C:\BuildAgent\work\bdc308496d447b55\Titan\Source\Titan\World\BYGHeart.cpp:441]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!ABYGGameState::Tick() [C:\BuildAgent\work\bdc308496d447b55\Titan\Source\Titan\Core\BYGGameState.cpp:106]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!__scrt_common_main_seh() [d:\agent_work\4\s\src\vctools\crt\vcstartup\src\startup\exe_common.inl:288]

UE4CC-Windows-06CE6C904465F50C212D7E888F9855EF_0001.7z (58.2 KB)

GameData.7z (709.5 KB)

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Running into some additional problems

  1. Residential in Rux-40 wont clean out waste even when setting waste collection higher priority its been like this for several in game hours

  2. Creating several energy plants but am running into error that “not enough Fuel” despite me drowning in fuel. Bet-47, Kat-25, Car-22, all exhibit this issue. They have employees but are somehow not connected to the grid?

Things I’ve noticed with mines

  1. Connected mines seem to be still fairly unstable. They work for awhile then stop working

  2. I did an experiment and noticed if you place 2 mines next to eachother for a Mineral Node, workers will only go to ONE of the mines. This was contrast to placing 2 mines next to eachother but were mining resource patches, where workers would empty both mines out without issue.

  3. in this save the only way I can keep my mines from bugging out

a) minimize number of mines, the more mines you have the more chances things can ‘go wrong’ ti feels like. So I’ve got 1 mine for minerals and 1 for isotopes
b) I’ve only made them single, not connected
c) I kept the Resouce pickupt limit to 1. This seems highly inefficient but in this situation inefficient is better than zero.

Definitely feels like some workers are idle or bugged out given i have 200+ workers but it doesnt feel like that many are on the map doing work.

Bizarrely ironically ‘supply smokestack’ works incredibly well

GameData2.7z (1.7 MB)

Also one other thing ive noticed with mines

I’ve noticed that in this save, workers will only ever transport 1 mineral or 1 isotope from the mine at a time. This is regardless if they walk or use a truck.

I had thought that using a truck would allow for the mass transport from the mine?

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Hey @Satoru thanks for posting! I’m gonna check this out a bit more…