Defense Tower too weak

I play a survival game withe the Difficulty Titan

But the Defense Tower are too weak

1 ship kill 2-3 towers
1 ship fly over 6 towers and easily destroys an energy pylon

Why the Damage not increas by level up the tower?

Ore when you spend the gam stronger Defense Tower?

In A City withe more Tower as Buildings and the Tower

die like fly

The problem is that now the tower is falling faster than it can be rebuilt, although there are enough workers and raw materials, but they cannot be picked up!

Yap, i just play on Zen now, not fun to manage the combat.

You really need to get those turrets to level 3 or they won’t survive most attacks

you have a bunch of level 1/2 turrets which are functionally “speed bumps” after like the 2nd wave

Yeah, the level only seems to affect the reload speed of the turret, not the damage done by them. Honestly if the Turret won’t scale with the level then just make them all level 3 for right now because that is not a good design but honestly the rest of the combat system needs to be fixed.

I feel this is temporary, the game is still in alpha missing features so once all features are implemented it’ll be fine i guess. Play on Zen until it’s finished.

The game was never meant to be a “Tower Defense” game, and in this sense, the Turrets are rather lackluster. Our major focus after adding Transportation next month will be to shift to bring Combat to a fully polished and featured state. I think once this happens, the game will be more robust. We also plan to add more Turret options in the future.

To answer some concerns currently: Upgrading your Turret will increase attack range and Ammo Clip size. The resulting product is a 15% DPS increase per upgrade and better area coverage. The added health to the turret helps its combat as well.

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You need more turrets ?


Sorry - I think you accidentally ended up with a different game than you intended. Or at least that how it is in its current iteration.

The game is very much a turret defense game, because as soon as you begin, your entire goal in life is to seek and destroy the rebels before they destroy everything you’re building. The city building is completely out of focus, driven by an ever increasing threat (regardless of how many camps you remove). Even if the rebels are forcing city building, that “feel” is gone, and replaced with a combat mindset.

It’s a turret defense game, until the rebel HQs are claimed.

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The long term goal of Titan is that it won’t be a Tower Defense game as it currently is. This is because the game is missing the combat simulation and Rival Corporation simulation, as well as other systems that result in more challenges than simply Rebels.

These are features we are looking to add as soon as possible.


This is easily surmountable. I feel like Level 3 turret is in a good place but maybe we could add some shielding to the final iteration of the turret? Dmg and Rate of Fire seem fine to me.

Also, possible to add a missle defense turret. Lower dmg per missle but it can track and hit multiple targets.

I understand the desire to stay away from this being a tower defense game BUT the fun, especially with a title like this, with so much potential is to avail the player with different play styles to go about the campaign objectives.

Hope this makes sense. Thanks Andy

So we plan on keeping the same way to play, but adding new ways to play. So if you prefer towers, you can do it that way, or if you want to build ships for a more hands-on approach, that way is available for you as well.

We have plans for adding new buildings that bolster your defenses. One of them is a Shield Area of Effect that will cover your buildings with a defensive shield that absorbs damage. You can build these across your City to cover vulnerable areas.

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With the shield AoE, that will compliment the turrets adequately

iin my opinion you should first fix the bugs in the game road causing the game to crush still and causing the game to freez up