Different typs of storages?

Hello, what’s the difference between local warehouses and the warehouse display on the main screen? I don’t understand the meaning of different camps. On the main screen, I have fewer minerals available than in my local stores. Do you have to manage storage local and global? Sorry, english is not my main language.

I believe that this is a bug. The main screen resource overview is showing wrong values.

So just an overview

There really isn’t any functional difference between them though there are some minor things

1)The S/M/L Containers built inside Factories currently do not, by default, store waste. You can enable this on a per-container basis if you want.
2) The waste storage containers, are designed for only waste. That’s why they’re cheap and store a lot for their cost.
3) The storage building on the city view, by default has all resources and wasted checked off. You can upgrade and link 2 together to increase its capacity

The bug where the top bar doesn’t seem to match your capacity is a bug that’s generally more attributed to the S/M/L containers inside factories currently. You can more or less avoid this by pivoting to storage buildings asap which don’t seem to suffer from this issue.

I have this problem too, I think this is a bug

Has anyone else notice that the storage building double at level 3 only has like 440~ Storage but a double factory at level 3 with ALL slots maxed out for storage containers (L and M only no small) you can get over 4,400~ Storage slots?

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It’s an issue with all factory devices vs. their building counterpart as far as I’m aware. Can build 4 large energy generators in a single factory floor, producing 9*4 or 36 energy. two floors of the factory is 72 power. a connected energy generator building at level 3 produces 72 power and requires a employee to run. Now granted the factory option is slightly more expensive mineral wise, though less isotopes. The 2 floor factory can even burrow and you can throw some batteries in the empty space. Granted the factory requires slightly more fuel to maintain but that’s just another device that can easily be put on the third floor and takes no resources to maintain.

Factories are always the best, however they are more annoying to build.