Dismantle Feedback

I like that there is now the ability to dismantle ships. The prerequisite that all devices must be dismantled first feels rather tedious. This is also true for the factory. In both cases there many be many individual devices to dismantle first, and its not fun to manually select each one and dismantle it.

I would be nice if (perhaps after confirmation) clicking dismantle on a ship or factory will automatically order dismantle on every device inside that particular entity. This would greatly increase the usability of the dismantle feature for ships and factories.

@Billio that’s actually the next thing on our list to implement for that feature! We didn’t have time this month to implement, but hopefully very soon in the future :smiley: I agree, it is quite tedious haha

Glad to hear it! After skipping a few updates 0.5.3 feels like a refreshing improvement. Feels like things are starting to hit their stride. Can’t wait for more of the city building elements to be added now that combat is more fleshed out!

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Yeah! We’ve finally got all the things we’ve shown in the past in the game; now we’re heading to completely uncharted (and exciting) territory when it comes to content! Glad to hear you’re enjoying :smiley:

What would be similarly useful for me would be a relocate function for devices in factories: this unbuild/rebuild workaround is tedious and really punishingly inefficient, stifling experimentation.