Do people who purchase on Epic Games get a steam key eventually?

I’ve generally avoided Epic Games (not because i think they’re somehow worse than steam, but mostly because I hate clutter and most of my friends are on steam). Griftlands did an EA on Epic, and has promised steam keys for everyone who purchased it on epic as well. I’m curious if Industries of Titan is going to do the same. That is something that would definitely make me buy in right now as opposed to waiting it out.

I guess no.
If you feel you got too many launchers, GOG releases its V2 very soon officially and been in the beta quite a while, can say it is nice that it brings all your launcher under one roof (until steam does sth. shady to avoid that :wink:

GOG Galaxy V2 ist launched already, my friend :slight_smile:

Oh, did not know. Thought it was still in beta after they sent me an email this week that they will soon update 1.2 to 2.0

Technically, you are right. Yet the beta works perfectly with all the libraries :slight_smile:

Hi, developers! This game is outstanding and excellent! VERY cool art-design and music! I like her! I’ve one question. But I don’t want buy this game in Epic Games Store. IF I’ll buy your game in Epic games store, may I’ll receive key for steam for free when games out in steam?

Probably not, but at least the devs gain more money from your purchase on Epic, so that’s definitely a plus. But yes, Epic really needs to improve their store, they’re way too slow on that.