Dungeon Mode and how I would change it

So Dungeon Mode has been a trending topic lately, even though it was kind of discussed in the past. I honestly love the idea of Dungeon Mode, catering to NecroDancer fans who want to see how a game like this plays out in the setting of the game where it all started, and I would love to give my feedback and how I would change the mode to both make it feel more like the original experience, and general thoughts on how it can be improved. Of course, I do speedrun this game and race with others, but everything said here will take into perspective of the general audience rather than from a speedrunner’s perspective.

Seeds & Dungeon Generation

So this has always been a thought of mine since before the Octavo’s Ode DLC. I feel whenever you put in a seed for a new game, the dungeon generation should remain consistent in all floors, even if you die and exit the dungeon (and if in Story Mode, exiting the floor). Whenever a player decides to play on a specific seed, I’d assume they want to see every aspect of the game be the same way and no randomness aside from starting the new file from the get-go. The randomness aspect is a great challenge for unseeded playthroughs, however. So seeing a change to make seeded games feel the same feels appropriate, because once the player dies or exits the game, it’s no longer the same seed.

Sheikah Stones

Should be removed, in my honest opinion. The game automatically saves what zone you’re in, and the only time these are seen are both before the boss and after you beat the boss (where you’re automatically healed up anyway). This also means that the Sheikah Stone before the boss will be removed too, which I believe will provide a challenge seen in NecroDancer too where you have to handle the boss with your current health, or you start back at the beginning of the zone. As SpootyBiscuit pointed out before, if the game is saved right before the boss and you die with good items, you’re basically locked into a tedious chore of trying to get past the boss or reset altogether assuming you didn’t find any good weapons. Speaking of…


It’s pretty easy to go through the entire game on only a base weapon and glass, which is not very fun considering the only option to get an infused weapon is by a fairy fountain that will only spawn in a couple floors. Other than that, players often find themselves hoping for Temp. Damage scroll, Boots of Power, or a glass weapon. I’m not exactly one to suggest how to fix this sort of problem, but there has to be a way to make sure that a player has more options than running on a base weapon the whole game.


So imagine this. You’re playing Yves or Octavo. You see a nice locked chest out in the open and have a single key to unlock it. You can’t wait to see what cool item you’re about to receive, only to discover there was a heart inside. You spent a key on a heart, and now you wanna create an account on the BYG forums just to write a whole wall all about Dungeon Mode. In all seriousness, items that both Yves and Octavo cannot collect should be removed from locked chests to avoid this kind of frustration. One thing I would like to add is maybe include infused weapons in locked chests too? That’s just something that I think may also help with the problem above.

Themed Zones & Zone 6

As it stands right now, Dungeon Mode really feels like you’re randomly visiting different locations (except Z5). For a mode that gives the NecroDancer experience, I feel the first four zones should be themed based on the four dungeons in the overworld, which would be in a random order, and zone 5 can be Hyrule Castle. It always felt odd to me that Octavo and Ganon were right next to each other after Future Hyrule, when this wasn’t the case in Story Mode. This is why I feel it’s appropriate for there to be a Zone 6.

That’s all I can think of right now for how I can think to make Dungeon Mode just a little better. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and have a nice day.