Dungeon Mode Thoughts (after our first tournament)

We just completed our first Dungeon Mode tournament for CoH. We had a good time overall but there are few notes that I wanted to bring up in case balance changes are still possible in the future. Plus, I’m sure the racers can add a lot more than I can since I was just commentating.

  1. Closeness - The races were on the whole not super close and I think that is indicative of the main point I wanted to make. It seems like to run dungeon mode you either go snails pace or lightning fast, anything in between ends up getting you swarmed. I think this is because of the damage gap. Either you are running glass and good at it, or you’re stuck on one damage. Glass slippers and boots of strength are suuuper important for the run and without them you can just get demolished.

A suggestion might be making infusing more accessible, since you really have to stock up on diamonds. Perhaps a coin cost, or having it be something that comes out of the zone-starting chest. Or maybe you could just have titanium or obsidian versions of weapons in gold chests. I’m not sure how much changes that would take.

  1. Seeding - I understand that this mode isn’t designed specifically for racing so take my comments with a grain of salt. But unlike necrodancer where a seeded death means you play the same seed which allows for racers to maintain seed retention and help in the catch up. Dying here re-rolls the seed, an early death means they are basically racing unseeded, which can lead to some massive inequalities between what they find.

I’m sure others can add more to this, I know some people were discussing some interesting tweaks to the purple chest items.

Anyways, hopefully that helps spark the discussion.