Enemy mech colours

Opening new topic on colour. Wondering if it’s going to be possible to give the enemy mechs a colour change at some point. Not to the extent of friendly schemes. But my favourite scheme is the Greyhound BW with Orange right arm top and head. And it would be nice to be able to give all the enemy a different colour indicator to contrast against all the grey.

This is just a “all mechs aren’t grey” thing.

Hmm, @Andyh1909 I’m not sure what our plans are for the enemy livery yet! I know the opening cutscene has red for enemy colours. I can follow up with the team :slight_smile:

Thnx Byg. That’s one of those nice if it happens things. But one the devs can keep kicking down the road to do other stuff.

On a side note to this. I was watching a stream on Twitch (ZoomiZoomi97) Adelaide was in chat giving some pointers, she mentioned that it was possible to change the colour schemes by changing the values in one of the game files. I only caught the stream later, not live, else I would have asked then. I’ve been browsing through the files but can’t find any colour reference info. Any chance we could find out what file that’s in?

I’m not sure if you’re on our discord or not - that’s an excellent place for modding resources at the moment. We’re hoping to have some kind of a modding wiki to help consolidate all this information.

In the meantime, here’s the location of the files: \PhantomBrigade\Configs\DataDecomposed\Equipment\Liveries
Each livery is its own file, so if you duplicate one of those files and change the colour values in there, you can create as many new ones as you like!

And if you like, our discord is here. There’s a channel called #phantom-modding. We’ll work on getting some threads on here for forums folks to share their mods!

Thanx Byg. I can feel the rabbit hole opening up and a lot of playing round getting a colour scheme for my light sabres.

I tend to break games and have to reinstall once i get playing with game files lol

Thnx for the discord link, that will be real handy.

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I may have misunderstood, but by the livery names I thought the unit of (enemy) controlled his ‘uniform’ livery -
i kept trying to “guess” by recklessly eyeballin’ them, then came to the conclusion the groundwork was there but it’d not been implemented. … ?

I think some colors for the enemy mechs, possibly related to their branch would be nice.

At this point the enemy doesn’t seem to have much of a character or personality. Now they seem like a faceless foe that needs to be defeated. Not that I mind.

Maybe you could make it so that at the beginning of a campaign, the player is required to make two decisions: decide the default liveries their own mechs will use, and also the enemy’s.

That’s true. A bit of work towards giving the players endeavor and the oppressors a face / flag / background (at least the enemy) would be cool and also maybe a story. But the battles are cool as is if the difficulty will be increased.
Shouldn’t be hard to give the enemy a color pattern though, all red or so like in the vid.

Which begs the question, what is this enemy army/empire? What kind of government runs them, and why do their mechs come in so many different makes?

My theory is this enemy is a massive imperialistic nation on a conquest campaign. Their army is made up of soldiers from other conquered nations, hence the many different mechs they come in. Hopefully these enemy subfactions get a bit more personality, even if it’s only through their mech colors.

So there is a way to change the default color by just changing the default livery file (\PhantomBrigade\Configs\DataDecomposed\Equipment\Liveries). But then all your uncolored mechs look like it unless you change their color.