Enemy Mech Just STOPS?!

Build Number: PATCH 0.5.1-B1519
Type Of Bug: FREEZE (only for the enemy mech…)
Blocking Progression?: NO
Result of Save/Load?: UNSURE
Short Description: The Enemy Mech in the town of Logge territory just froze and did not shoot which allowed me to shoot him down easily. This only happened ONCE then just stopped.

Reproduction steps: So in the TOWN of Logge I was entering battle and after awhile the last enemy was left so I got all my mechs to target the last mech After the enemy mech being shot from all my mechs the next turn was shown in the timeline and said he was going to move towards one of my mechs and I sent my mech with the sword to slice him. I clicked EXECUTE and the mech did not even move. My mech did not slice. sad…

NO PIC (sry.)

Hi @Nerf_Tech thank you for your report! We’ve been getting a few reports similar to this, if you encounter it again, could you send us a bug report via the in-game bug reporter (using shift + tab)? This way we can get a save file and a screen shot so we can see exactly what happened. Thank you!

ok, I will make sure to do that, thank you.

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