Enemy "ragdolling" still has actions on timeline

An enemy mech has started ragdolling around, swinging around the point the UI says it is at. I can no longer hit the enemy, since it is not at the place it shows as.
It seems to have occurred when the unit took multiple hits (shotgun, AR and sniper) when moving on a short slope (just below its current position in the second image) and became “stuck” for the rest of the turn. On start of next turn it began flailing about the area.

It was still able to attack, with the shots coming from the model.
Repeated ramming by boosting into the mech’s position somehow reset it to the proper position, but leaving it with broken projectile collision (bullets passed through it).

Edit: save from just before combat https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KuU8_gqIjuzuaCQp-d-ZvkkLYYHyoDjs/view?usp=sharing


You can just zip/gzip/7z your saves and upload them as an attachment for your posts fwiw