Enemy Reinforcements Dropping In?

Will enemy reinforcements continue to drop out of the air in future versions of the game? Or will there be some sort of contextual animation added later to add to the immersion? Dropship, underground base, coming in from the edge of the map etc?

Hi @kelhound - for now, we only have airdrops - other methods of the enemy arriving are planned but aren’t going to be in the game for quite some time.

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I would really prefer if enemies just showed up as ‘sensor blips’ that walked onto the field. The turn they arrive the blips could take a full move and at the end of the move the models appear at their ‘spawn point’ where they normally would have dropped in.

Just seemed weird to me that if the enemy has the capability to drop mechs and TANKS on demand with drop pods, how the fuck is our giant mobile truck-fortress keeping us safe? They would just orbitally bombard us or drop a battalion on us.

I know it’s just a game but I think it would be way more atmospheric to stress that our enemy is also limited in capability and struggling to hunt us down with largely ground assets, that have to walk or drive to their destinations much like we do.

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Stealth tech! Also, orbit’s apparently full of rocks, so I’m guessing that reliable satellite observation is a little tricky.

They’re also not actually using drop pods but actually aircraft overhead, if some of the enemy chatter is any indication.

considering the duration of engagement;
and the “let’s not talk about air support”

those “reinforcements” must be VERY VERY close -
i’d say on-site and already running to the sound of the guns, as it were
( i mean- tank sections? at best )

i’d love to see them, like in the first “real” battle- show up from underground;
just off screen, anything that doesn’t make me say- how convenient you had air support less than 15 seconds out…
so why aren’t you… :slight_smile:

Yeah, I hope they work on this at some point. The first mission to take back the mountain base has reinforcements arrive in a more typical fashion. Really hoping that the random missions get some kind of explanations for how troops arrive on scene.

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