Experimental Branch Patch 0.1.17

Don’t ever let it be said that the Council doesn’t listen. We have received your feedback about roads, Founder. Roads will be reinforced going forward, and more difficult for those pesky rebels to destroy.


Changes as of 0.1.17

  • A change to mines: Employees will now begin picking up resources from a mine as soon as one is available, instead of waiting until it’s filled up. Also, Employees will continue to empty the mine when it’s not powered on
  • We heard you loud and clear: we increased the HP of Roads to 18
  • Otherwise, just bug fixes from us today

Fixed issues as of 0.1.17

  • Fixed a crash caused by Roads being refreshed
  • Fixed a bug with Defense Turret reload times
  • Fixed navigation nodes not being cleaned up due to old code refreshing all walkable area, causing massive slowdown
  • Fixed prioritize shortcut being useable on jobs that were already ongoing where the button was not accessible
  • Fixed filter toggle not working on LV2 and LV3 Connected Storage Facility
  • Fixed Conversion so that it’s no longer possible to go above the limit of supported Employees
  • Fixed pause icons not being removed when navigating to different floors
  • Fixed Bug Reporter windows not being destroyed when quitting to main menu

You can find the full list of known issues here.


Mines cannot be emptied from Nodes and patches.do not deplete.

Ingame Bug Report submitted, save files are here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1utg0fvNgSeI_laGHN0QquafEmuitvQT_/view?usp=sharing

可以出现中文补丁吗 还有为什么我官方下载的游戏 自动更新出了两个版本的游戏 一个是0.1.14 0.1.17 我是可以卸载一个吗 还是咋回事

One is stable, the other is testing. Translations are in another topic.

Google Translate:
一个是稳定的,另一个是测试。 翻译是另一个主题。 谷歌翻译

Thanks for your reply translation is another theme is what meaning… Well forgive me for the translation software

The memory Leak bug is back :face_vomiting: