Experimental Branch Patch 0.1.25

Ahem. It’s been a while, Founder. We have quite a bit to fill you in on. Among some fundamental and visual changes, we’re ready to start testing our next iteration of transportation, determined how to better salvage materials from buildings, and upgraded Command Center functionality. We are also currently reevaluating how you communicate with the Council and your advisors.

Of course, the more we improve our capabilities, the more desperate those rebels become. But a cornered animal will fight twice as fiercely as they say, so take extra caution as you whittle down their forces. A worker is patching through these notes as we speak. I trust you’ll review them thoroughly.


Changes as of 0.1.25

  • We upgraded our engine from UE 4.22.5 to UE 4.25! This was necessary to prevent two extremely common crashes that would not be solved otherwise (having to do with WWise and Unreal Engine themselves, could not be fixed on our end without upgrading) This was a lengthy process but worth the time it took. You will need to install the latest version of Visual C++ to run the game (it should be included with the build).
  • Made some big changes to the way the game handles disabling and enabling devices and buildings - prevents sound starvation issues and improves stability
  • Some visual changes:
    • Main menu visual additions - sun flares, background ships, lens flare
    • Changes to how advertisements are randomized on billboards found on many different devices and buildings (random movement, speed, etc)
    • Moved the location of billboards on some buildings to prevent clipping with scaffolding
    • Ruins display wear and tear, have more variations
    • Energy Depot now displays how full it is (similar to battery and fuel tank/silo)
    • Defensive Turret radius is a little more transparent than before
  • Transportation 2.0 features have been added and are ready for testing.
    • Transport Hubs now have a radius of control - roads must fall inside the radius for them to be used in a job.
    • To help with visualizing, we’ve added a Transportation Overlay that displays the radius of the Hub, which buildings are connected to your Roads, and the flow of traffic on those Roads
    • Trucks now require fuel to be used - your Transport Hub will store fuel for Truck use. If you don’t have enough fuel stored, your workers will travel on foot instead of using a Truck. The amount of fuel required depends on the distance the Truck must travel. Additionally, Trucks now generate pollution when they are used. We are still missing UI for this functionality! For now, please make sure you have plenty of fuel when playing. We’ll be adding the UI elements very soon.
    • Transport Hubs can now be connected
  • We also improved the AI of trucks - they can make left turns now, instead of travelling the length of your entire road
  • When your Buildings are destroyed by Rebels, they will now turn into “Destroyed Buildings” rather than Empty Plots. These Destroyed Buildings can be salvaged for leftover resources, which lessens the impact of losing your city a bit!
  • Command Center no longer requires energy to operate - this was a change made to solve a design issue where a Command Center could become permanently offline if the pylon that gave it energy was within its Command Radius instead of in HQ radius.
    • We will continue to iterate and balance on this change!
  • Player owned Rebel tiles now count towards the total net worth of your Corporation, which changes how difficulty scales - the more Rebel Camps you take over, the harder they’ll fight!
  • Added a slider to Mines- you can now choose how many resources can be stored in the Mine local storage before sending an employee to pick them up. If you want to set up a truck route to empty mines, try setting the slider to 5. This way, trucks will make a full delivery to storage instead of delivering one mineral at a time.
  • Decreased the capacity of Fuel Tanks and Batteries by 20%
  • Decreased the build time of Roads from 18 seconds to 6 seconds
  • Did a huge overhaul of pollution balance ahead of some exciting other changes!
  • Also in this build - the beginnings of our new Advisor Tutorial System! It’s still very much in the works and doesn’t fully replace our current tutorial, but check it out anyways.

And, thanks to Community Feedback…

  • You can now claim Empty Plots and Resource Patches while in Building Placement mode if you have enough influence to claim them. Simply select the building you want to place, and then choose an Empty plot you don’t already own. Influence will automatically be deducted if you can afford it
    • If you’re placing a Mine and claim a Resource Patch, the Mine will automatically target the patch
    • If a Resource Patch already has an Employee assigned to mine it by hand, targeting with a Mine will automatically remove the Employee and let the Mine target that patch instead
  • We’ve finally been able to optimize our UI layout to reliably support resolutions as low as 1280x720. There may still be some small bugs here and there, but please let us know what you think! Don’t forget you can adjust the scale of the UI in the settings.
  • Added a confirmation for quitting the game/quitting to main menu while in-game.
  • Added a Disable/Enable switch to the Monument
  • The beginnings of Photo Mode! Screenshots are located in %localappdata%\Titan\Saved\Screenshots. Show off your cool shots in the discord!

Fixed issues as of 0.1.25

  • Many, many hours of fixes dedicated to getting the game running in Unreal Engine 4.25, as well as many fixes to the new features we’ve added!
  • Fixed upgraded Transport Hubs not being registered correctly, thus preventing use of trucks after upgrade. This change will apply to old saves as well (should retroactively fix them)
  • Fixed tile detection being blocked by flags
  • Fixed Rebel buildings having a Copy button
  • Fixed Mines not depleting Resource Patches correctly
  • Fixed Mine target connector not being refreshed when changing target after a patch ran out of resources
  • Fixed a handful of typos
  • Fixed a storage issue with Smokestack (internal storage was inaccurate)
  • Fixed a materials issue with Mine markers on patches and nodes
  • Fixed Resource Patches becoming locked when connecting a Mine that was mining the patch
  • Fixed Factories being allowed to connect when a device inside was under construction
  • Fixed hotkey reassignment not working for Buildings
  • Fixed Rebel Camps and Next Attack Timer not being set up correctly when loading a game

You can find the full list of known issues here.


Can’t make a new topic for some reason but first bug spotted:

Council text on a new game:

I’d have made a new topic but. dunno, has the “no!” icon over it and is greyed out for me.

Also still getting the occasional memory leak / silent CTD when upgrading buildings next to roads - that’s after about 5 hours on the same map though.

Much much more stable and less laggy though overall, top effort guys!

Thanks @D6_Matt! We’ll take a look at these.

As for making a new topic, are you creating a topic under the “Bug and Known Issues” subcategory? We’ve set it so that people can’t make new topics under Announcements and Patch Notes. :slight_smile: