Experimental Branch Patch 0.1.26

Hey there Founder! As you know, there are like a bunch of precious gas on Titan called Xethane that we’re able to turn into fuel. Well! The Council has just implemented a system to make it more apparent where there are higher sources of those gases to draw from! It’s pretty neat, but it seems like they still need some feedback, so test it out will ya?

That reminds me though - they should have also shared some blueprints with you for Air Filters. The Air Filters will help handle pollution, but they’ll also filter out the Xethane, so be mindful of where you’re placing them! Can’t waste that fuel!

A worker should be patching through some more detailed updates shortly. Make sure you give them a read through!


Changes as of 0.1.26

  • We’re introducing a new mechanic: Xethane
    • Xethane is the gas that Fuel Fabricators and Turbines pull out of the air to create fuel. It is generated by Sinkholes and Crevices.
    • You can view how much Xethane is left on the map by looking at the Xethane Overlay. Try to build your Fuel buildings in areas where Xethane is continuously generated, so that you don’t run out of fuel!
    • This system requires further balancing, but we need your feedback, so please let us know what you think!
  • We’ve also added the Air Filter building! Prevent your citizens from dying and remove that nasty smog (if you can afford the costs, of course)
    • Air Filter has a radius of filtration effect. This is still in the works with regards to balance, so please let us know your thoughts!
    • The Air Filter will filter out Pollution AND Xethane, so be mindful of where you’re placing it!
  • A full overhaul of the Pollution code regarding how it generates, spreads and dissipates
  • Some balance - in addition to rebalancing the entire Fuel and Pollution system a couple times, we’ve also made the changes:
    • Trucks are 33% faster
    • Transport Hub range is +1 tile bigger
    • Pollution on death of Rebel ships and Buildings
    • Much lower Pollution damage to Citizens
  • Cleaned up photo mode a great deal, and moved it to the bottom left-hand corner where all the other camera controls are
    • A button to reset the camera
    • Adjusted filters for better results
    • Updated icon
    • Added some more custom UI
  • Command Center requires Energy to operate again
  • Prettied up the Pollution Overlay!
  • Added some new variants of the Destroyed Building asset

Fixed issues as of 0.1.26

  • Fixed unburrow visuals not stopping
  • Fixed building outline still being visible in photo mode
  • Fixed overlay not being restored correctly when leaving photo mode
  • Fixed Employee teleporting to the edge of the map if a job was cancelled while they were transitioning from inside a building to driving a truck
  • Fixed UI elements not being removed in photo mode
  • Fixed crash in UI from Transport Hub
  • Fixed a crash in the tutorial manager
  • Fixed issues with overlay appearance
  • Fixed fuel not transferring when upgrading or connecting a building
  • Fixed outlet in a connected factory that isn’t overlapped entirely by a pylon not receiving power from a grid outside
  • Fixed disabled Energy Pylon relaying power incorrectly when a generator came online
  • Fixed LV2 Transport Hub causing a crash if destroyed or upgraded again
  • Fixed local storage of buildings being deleted when upgrading or connected
  • Fixed dismantling a storage device decreasing available storage by too much
  • Fixed dismantling a storage device containing resources inflating the storage space accidentally
  • Fixed being able to cancel or pause a construction when the job was already completed
  • Fixed resources from cancelled upgrade of Conversion Center being incorrectly added to local storage
  • Fixed jobs being cancelled twice when dismantling buildings, causing side-effects like extra waste being added to the HUD
  • Fixed a couple miscellaneous storage issues caused by dismantling storage devices
  • Fixed Employees not being released from construction jobs when paused
  • Fixed road tiles destroyed in an attack not refreshing other road tiles
  • Fixed being able to buy tiles in building placement mode when the player couldn’t actually build on them (tiles containing ruins etc)
  • Possible fixes to about 5 different rare crashes
  • Fixed Ringshine coming in mid song instead of playing an intro
  • Fixed Monetization SFX playing incorrectly
  • Fixed Monument not enabling/disabling correctly
  • Fixed Connected Smokestack being too dark when disabled
  • Fixed Ruins levels not displaying correctly

You can find the full list of known issues here.

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Great announcements Council !
A pollution and air management that’s a great challenge.

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Nice new mechanic!, this will make things more challenging

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