Experimental Branch Patch 0.1.28

Hey Founder! It’s me again. We’ve landed on a name for the precious gasses on Titan: Xethane. The previous patch notes should reflect that now too! We’ve been doing all sorts of experiments with it, and I think we’re getting close to getting it stable.

Just wanted to let you know that. Someone will be patching through some more detailed notes for you shortly! Make sure you read ‘em.


Changes as of 0.1.28

  • Our new Precious Gas mechanic has a name: Xethane!
  • Continuing to balance Xethane gameplay:
    • Increased Xethane to Fuel conversion rate
    • Lowered Xethane spread
  • Added a missing vector to Xethane and Fuel gameplay: Efficiency. The more Xethane a tile contains, the higher your fuel yield will be
  • Recategorized some of the buildings into a new section, “Logistics”. You’ll find Transport and Storage related buildings in this new tab.
  • Added a credits unlock requirement to the Air Filter building
  • Transportation overlay is now displayed when selecting the Transport Hub
  • Pollution overlay is now displayed when selecting the Air Filter
  • Players should no longer be required to manually install VCRUNTIME140_1.dll when launching the game
  • Otherwise, just cleaning up and fixing bugs!

Fixed issues as of 0.1.28

  • Attempted fix of two crashes that occurred very frequently!
    • One of these had no reliable reproduction steps and was hopefully solved
    • QA and the rest of the team had difficulty reproducing the other one (to do with upgrading/entering buildings). We’re hoping it was fixed but not entirely sure - if the crash continues to occur please try to summarize what you were doing in the Crash Report window before sending it. If you are able to take video of the crash occurring that would also be extremely helpful
  • Fixed being able to double enter buildings by clicking on the “storage full” flag while already entering building
  • Fixed resources being incorrectly reserved if a job was cancelled or paused before Employees picked them up from the storage containers
  • Fixed pathing nodes not being cleaned up quickly enough between games, meaning that old pathing still existed, potentially causing a crash
  • Added some checks to prevent a crash
  • Fixed ship outline being visible in Photo Mode
  • Fixed crash when loading a smokestack that had been dismantling
  • Fixed Employee being removed from Air Filter when upgrade completed
  • Fixed “outside command territory” flags not displaying correctly for all buildings
  • Fixed “not enough fuel” flag not displaying on Transport Hub when there was not enough for trucks to travel

You can find the full list of known issues here.