Experimental Branch Patch 0.1.29

Hey Founder! It’s me again. On top of the usual bug squashes, we’re continuing to tweak Xethane, Air Purifiers, and Pollution. Thanks for collecting all that data for us! A worker is patching through the notes, so let me know if you have any questions, okay?


Changes as of 0.1.29

  • Added a new loading screen image
  • Increased the Xethane output from crevices
  • Updated the colour gradient of the Pollution Overlay! Let us know what you think.
  • Added an additional two decimals to the amount of Xethane or Fuel in the air when viewing the UI panel of any tile
  • Added some basic stats to the Transport Hub UI panel
    • Travel range - describes the range of the Transport Hub
    • Times used - how many times trucks have been used instead of walking
    • Fuel used (min/max) - of all the trips, the amount of fuel used on the shortest and the longest trips made
  • Added a stat “Recent Fuel wasted” to Fuel Turbines and Fabricators, to let you know how much fuel is not going to storage
  • Added stats to Air Filter UI - the average and total amounts of xethane/pollution that your building has filtered out of the air (we know, it’s overflowing a little bit…)
  • Added key bind settings for Photo Mode for those who want to customize their hotkeys
  • When selecting a device or building that is on a different grid, the Grid UI in the HUD will now auto update to display the currently selected grid. This is also an option that can be changed in settings.
  • Updated Air Filter tooltip to reflect that it filters both Pollution and Xethane
  • Lots more bug fixes!

Fixed issues as of 0.1.29

  • Fixed a super common crash caused by upgrading buildings that contained resources
  • Fixed a crash caused by unassigning an Employee from a Resource Patch while they were mining and then saving and loading
  • Fixed Employees teleporting out of buildings when assigned to certain tasks
  • Fixed storage inside of storage buildings (including Smokestacks and Mines) being broken during the enable/disable change because they were not being ticked like normal devices
  • Fixed resuming device construction from pause when an Employee was not near causing a couple issues like permanently stuck Employees, devices being constructed without an Employee assigned, and Employees standing at the edges of a building to complete construction
  • Fixed Employees teleporting to their next fulltime job assignment if they had been interrupted while moving to a previous fulltime job assignment
  • Fixed a memory clean-up fix from a few versions back not working correctly due to some new code
  • Fixed LV2/3 Mines playing their animations when there was no Employee assigned
  • Fixed some in-world pause flags not being removed when a paused job was cancelled (still exists for dismantle)
  • Fixed grid dropdown in HUD trapping spacebar
  • Fixed ‘set target’ mode not being exited correctly when upgrading, connecting and dismantling a Mine
  • Fixed local storage being deleted if a building with resources stored was dismantled

You can find the full list of known issues here.

Fuel production and energy production seem to have a slight bug where after you start adding building or elements that require power and fuel, no matter how much fuel production or energy it will some how zero its self out and after trying to turn off buildings to trouble shoot it did not work and this is in experimental branch patch 0.1.29 both regular game mode and zen and both play through were new games after latest update to game applied.

Also at this time it is locking the game from allowing you to progress unless you only use mineral and isotopes to build, when you need fuel and power well that is the tricky part even if you dedicate a whole floor to fuel and a floor to power allowing power to be sent to all floors , it still generates a serious bug in this latest version, previous version from this patch I my self did not really run into this issue that much.

stutters/micro-freezes/long (minute+) freezes
Memory leak

all still there.

i like trying new features but what i like WAY more is a game that’s playable beyond a few minutes so i can test said new features.

Verdict 1.29: don’t touch, wait for next patch.

Save (new game created wit 1.29):
GameData.7z (395.9 KB)