Experimental Branch Patch 0.10.3


:ringer_planet: indicates changes due to community feedback!

Night Light, Night Bright

  • :ringer_planet: In the past we’ve received quite a bit of feedback that the day and night cycles aren’t visually obvious, so we’ve taken the opportunity to really brighten up our lighting and make things pop a bit more! Look forward to bright, glowing cities at night, some gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, and a more dynamic difference between day and night on Titan!
    • We’re hoping, in addition to just being very pretty, this will help with cementing the Citizen schedules (work, leisure and sleep cycles)
    • We’re also still in the middle of adding accessibility and graphics settings for the new lighting. Please let us know how it performs on your machines/what you would like to see changed!
  • Adjusted the brightness of the territory and command overlays to improve visibility

Up In the Sky! It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! No, it’s… Saturn?!

  • Excited to take new photos of your city during different times of day? Don’t forget to tilt that camera up, too – we’ve added skyboxes to Photo Mode for more exciting skyline shots!

Smart Resources!

  • We’ve added an Auto-Select option for building – this will allow you to use multiple tiers towards constructing buildings and devices. The game will choose the most cost-effective combination of tiers to pay for your new construction

Balance and Stability

  • Lowered all ship costs by 20%
  • Continuing to balance map-gen parameters
  • Made a small adjustment to game tick to hopefully alleviate frame-dropping when it occurs

FIXES AS OF 0.10.3

  • Fixed map-gen issues preventing certain maps from generating correctly
  • Fixed missing delivery jobs on old saves files, and prevented them from happening in the first place
  • Fixed Employee state not being cleared correctly when unassigning them from a building, causing all sorts of issues
  • Fixed construction jobs getting Employees incorrectly being assigned to the job twice
  • Fixed ships not being allowed to dismantle correctly if a dismantle was started and then the shipyard was disabled
  • Fixed a wide variety of problems related to failed deliveries by changing the way the job system handles failures
  • Fixed net worth being multiplied incorrectly
  • Fixed device cancel job not completely cancelling if no Employee was already doing the job
  • :ringer_planet: Fixed turning buildings on and off causing energy storage to increase or decrease incorrectly
  • Fixed quite a few one-off crashes, added checks to prevent other instances
  • Fixed issues with placing a shipyard on top of Citizens
  • Fixed missing thumbnails and strings on new map tiles
  • Fixed a rare case where Employees could get stuck between pathing nodes due to a miscalculation
  • Fixed jobs not being started correctly in certain cases
  • Fixed jobs getting stuck in the queue and added checks to figure out the source
  • Fixed a crash occurring in the shipyard
  • Fixed bad states caused by resource patches mining to empty
  • Fixed Employee getting stuck when cancelling certain upgrades


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I’ve played this game for less than a week and already reported 2 dozens of bugs, errors, etc. I don’t know if you are really going to fix them, or at least, fix some of them. Or even read them. Here are some very serious problems:

  • Pressing P to turn on/off Command Centers sometimes doesn’t work (sometimes here is 50% of all cases)
  • Pressing P to turn on/off devices in ships doesn’t work (truly amazing, right? Had to click on them manually, one by one).
  • False stats of energy and fuel, shows +25 but actually losing 25 (?!!)
  • Employees prefer filling up smoke stack instead of upgrading a turret, and the city was on an attack. For the enviroments!!!
  • Ships unable to launch, had to load a save file.
  • Extremely low fps when combat, I’ve got 2, so much playable don’t you think? it improves when I zoom in, yes, to 5 fps.
  • Crew doesn’t heal even I have 4 medbays, I guess they’re so “docile” that now they want to become livestock.
  • Crew chilling while the ship is on fire, not fixing anything, and then die by getting shot. Hell of a life, right?
  • One enemy ship can only be attacked by one of my ships, really? Are you really that “noble”???
    I want to play the game until I can destroy all rebel bases, but THANKS TO THOSE “FEATURE” I now quit and will wait for another year.

Thanks for reporting these. As you can see from our “Fixes” list, we are actively addressing bugs every day. We also read every bug report that comes through the in-game bug reporter.

Our development team reads the reports that come into bug reporter every work day. We do read them. We also fix bugs every update and will continue to squash new bugs as they arise.

Thank you for reporting these issues so we can look into them. In the future, you do not need to supplement your bug reports with sarcastic comments.

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In this vein, please consider this a formal warning @tanthokg. We understand that playing with these bugs can be frustrating. They’re frustrating for us too, and we’re doing our best to address them as quickly as we can.

If you can’t give respectful feedback going forward, you will be banned.

First, I’m very sorry for being such impolite. It’s my fault to lose control and came here shouting on everyone. I’m truly sorry.
Second, I appreciate the efforts you put into the game, really. It is now much better than it was last year. And I love this game. That’s why I keep playing it for days and try to report as many bugs and feedbacks as possible, sometimes a dozen in 1 day. Because I do want my favorite game to get better, too.
But it was just too frustrated to play the game after a tired day just to see my city get destroyed after 100+ hours in the game. You know, when you see your HQ being attacked and I couldn’t do anything (since it’s 2 FPS).
Once again I’m sorry. I hope the game will be successful, and I’m looking forward to the release day (or around 1 year from now, if it’s still in Early Access). Thank you.

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Hi Titan explorers
this is Cpt Buzbb speaking
from Xethane Labo. Xanadu. Bright side of Titan.
Hi @tanthokg
many thanks for your mea culpa back to the IoT dev team, because this is just a game, but a great and huge work in backstage, working everyday for fixing bugs, updtating with new features…
perhaps in a future update can we play the game with precedents gamesaved versions choosing the engine version that matche with, launching the last titan city ?
I would remember to all gamers that IoT is in early acces so the development of the game is perpetual still the game comes to version 1.0 or commercial

You can also explore Titan playing in zen mode without the stress of rebels attacks… :call_me_hand:

this was Cpt Buzbb speaking
from Xethane Labo. Xanadu. Bright side of Titan.
Have a nice cycle


Thank you. I get your idea but zen mode is kinda boring if you ask me :v I want to try something more…challenging than just chilling around


Hey don’t sweat it at all! We are really lucky that we have passionate fans like you in the first place. The game has benefited so much because of the bugs that the community has reported.

We are committed to working on and improving the game and we do not have plans to stop now.

We will always read the feedback of the community and take it into consideration. It is very important for us to make a game that makes everyone happy, including you.

We realize that the bugs in the game are making it harder to enjoy. As a result, for the next couple months, our plan is to slow down feature additions and spend more time on bug fixing and quality assurance.

Every bug that is reported is read and we are working towards fixing them.

Thanks again for playing Titan!


I love to hear that. Despite being in love so much with the game, I have to say that it has too many bugs. I know that it’s totally normal with a game in Early Access state like this.
Plus, I believe that we should have a tech tree. All the games I’ve played so far has one. The game has improved so much since last year. But almost everything I need to do in a game is pretty the same: you build, you fight, you claim, repeat. Having a tech tree is, I believe, a reasonable option (of course, bugs come first). This game has so much potential, I really enjoy it. Too bad that I’m a Software Developer, if I was a Game Developer, I want to make a game that is as great as this one.