Experimental Branch Patch 0.3.2-b1160

Changes in 0.3.2-b1160

New “Hit and Run” combat scenarios

  • Deal a blow to the enemy and escape before they know what hit them!
  • On Camps and Patrols, eliminate the first wave of enemies and retreat before the second wave of heavy reinforcements arrive on the field
  • Or, stick it through a tough battle to reap better rewards

Dynamic music

  • Music now changes from turn to turn depending on how close you are to victory in Elimination and Hit and Run scenarios. Taking out enemies will sound more triumphant while getting wiped out will sound more grave

Experimental changes

  • Experimental builds are changing slightly so that we can tell exactly where our code is failing and act on it faster when you send your logs via the bug reporter
    • Note that this occasionally brings up a debug log window in the bottom left of the window when warnings or errors occur. (These can be ignored.)
    • It is possible this will cause some performance issues on lower spec machines when playing on Experimental

Fixed issues in 0.3.2-b1160

  • Fixed a visual bug where running after attacking while waiting causes a delay
  • Cleaning up various mech animations
  • Fixes to overworld tutorial scenarios
  • Various fixes to UI, typos, and other text errors


It takes some getting used to, these Hit and Run missions. If you have a slow mech, then you are never going to be able to run. And the following waves of enemies, wear you down.
15 level 7 against my 4 level 5 mechs, Even when 8 or 9 enemies are tanks, it is spoiling the tactical side of the game for me.

Either I have to take all of my fast mechs, Stay in the centre of the battlefield, so that I can escape. Or I take the heavies and trust that I can slowly chomp through one round before the next arrives.
Since that means that I have to kill, the salvage has been negligible. No time to pick and choose.
Perhaps I am doing it wrong.