Experimental Branch Patch 0.3.3-b1193

CHANGES IN 0.3.3-B1193

:mechanical_arm: indicates changes due to community feedback!

  • Hybrid Tanks
    • These tanks can use mech weaponry such as pistols, assault rifles, and machine guns. Defeat them to salvage their gear!
    • These tanks spawn after the first two tutorial provinces (after Ostbager-Wiel) in provinces controlled by Experimental, Specops, or Army factions
  • Improvements to enemy targeting AI making enemies take player mech statistics (health, distance, and speed) into consideration
  • New narrative event: “Lights Out”
  • Factions (Experimental, Specops, Army, or Reserves) are more distinct from each other. Enemies now drop armor and weapons specific to their faction
  • Added an audio effect to the overworld when zoomed out

Experimental changes

  • :mechanical_arm: Debug log window should no longer appear in experimental builds! (Though it can occasionally flicker in when an error occurs)

FIXED ISSUES IN 0.3.3-1193

  • Cleaning up various mech animations
  • Various fixes to UI, typos, and other text errors
  • Various fixes to SFX
  • Fixed an issue causing reinforcements to land on the wrong turn
  • Fixed briefing screen not showing the correct faction for the scenario


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Nice. The drop rate for weapons did feel at bit low on my last playthrough; this sounds like it could help.

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Love all these changes! I tried playing the experimental last night but I didn’t feel like starting another game again just to see the weapon tanks. I will wait until the melee improvements drop cause those are things I want to make sure get worked out to be fun and useful! :smiley: Anywho keep up the great work!

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