Experimental Branch Patch 0.4.0-b1268

CHANGES IN 0.4.0-B1268

:mechanical_arm: indicates changes due to community feedback!

Missile While You Work

  • Four new missile launcher variants!
  • These can be found in any province after the first one (In Ostbager-Wiel and beyond)
  • These high concussion weapons launch multiple guided projectiles at once and their impacts cause an area of effect explosion
  • Their rocket power can cause them to be imprecise, so if you’re under attack, you might be able to dash out of the way
  • Expect balance changes and tweaks in the future!

Melee Buffet

  • Three new weapons in three sizes, three rarities and three variants = 27 new melee weapons!
  • These can be found on convoys roaming around the overworld
  • High concussion axe: Axes are heavy and are excellent weapons for knocking out your enemies
  • New blades including Plasma Swords: Blades are light and fast and but have little concussion damage
  • Cutters: Cutters deal heavy damage but have a high heat cost

Music to My Ears

  • New track for mission briefing
  • New stingers for victory and defeat by retreat


  • Various fixes to UI, typos, and other text errors
  • Visual bugs with VFX on rockets during dash or melee
  • Various audio fixes on certain weapons and ranges
  • Fixed floating units spawning into small military base maps
  • :mechanical_arm: The list of options on events screens have been reversed
  • Fixed various visual issues during tutorial and opening cutscenes
  • Fixed an issue where two combat scenarios could be triggered on the base in Ostbager-Wiel
  • Fixed missing joints on Elbrus, Helge, and Tsubasa arms and legs
  • Fixed repair time on units being reset when reloading during repairs
  • Fixed possible negative loot on the Stuck in the Mud event


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The primary hand, shooting over any hill or building missiles launchers are dumb strong. I win convey missions right now just running around in a big circle lobbing missiles full tilt. I think the tracking is the problem, it’s too strong. I have ran, dash, ran and the missile still follows perfectly the whole time. Focus firing over hills and buildings with missiles that can’t be dodged is just too good, both for the enemy and myself. Generally, one or two good hits with these primary one shot launchers destroys anything. Though I am enjoying the deadliness of them, ran into a vehicle with one and it knocked out one unit and de-armed another before I realized it. It is making me rethink those high integrity no shield parts so I can survive some hits from them.