Experimental Branch Patch 0.4.2-b1393

CHANGES IN 0.4.2-B1393

:mechanical_arm: indicates changes due to community feedback!


  • Appear on bases and outposts
  • Turrets will scan for PB units in their range and attack if they detect one there
  • Note: there are currently some visual issues with these including the damage on the ground surrounding turrets making them appear like they’re floating. We’re working to fix these!


  • AI Dashing: enemies can now dash!
  • Added a system for varying dash distances.
    • Added three brand new thruster subsystems!
    • Made balance adjustments to existing thrusters
    • Dash distance can now change based on mech weight and thruster power
  • Player dashes can temporarily jam guided missiles allowing you to dash away from homing projectiles on your tail


  • Bidirectional melee: you can press CTRL to switch which side of your target you’re attacking, and still go behind the target to open up more angles
  • Four new Missile Launchers (slug, starburst, snail, and hornet)
    • Slug: Fires one very strong but slow moving medium-range missile with no guidance and large target spread
    • Starburst: Fires ten weak but fast sort-range missiles with no guidance and moderate target spread. Missiles first travel in a fixed trajectory almost 100% vertical, with some spread between them in a “starburst” formation
    • Snail: Slow moving, but very strong missiles which are best for targeting stationary units (note: due to a bug these may not be spawning)
    • Hornet: Fires six weak medium speed long-range missiles with guidance and moderate target spread
  • “Minigun” Ultra Heavy Weapon
    • These will spawn randomly on units
    • Incredibly heavy but useful for suppression fire and cover destruction, with reduced accuracy when moving
    • Note: there are currently some visual issues with these weapons, you may notice some clipping or odd positioning on it. We appreciate your patience as we fix these!

Bug Reporter

  • Added the ability to attach saves to bug reports to help us pin down problem areas more accurately
  • Added a note on the bug reporter window that logs and screenshots are attached to reports


  • Accuracy was reduced on Secondary Missile Launchers
  • Three brand new maps: One on convoys and two new cache maps
  • :mechanical_arm: You can now see the optimal range while placing and moving an action on the timeline


  • Fixed an exception occurring on missile collisions (EntityDoesNotHaveComponentException)
  • Occasionally, in combat with multiple waves, an enemy mech will spawn in in a ragdoll state
  • Fixed hidden secondary weapon attacks on action palette
  • Fixed an issue where units had invalid speed for the first turn after being spawned
  • Fixed an issue causing enemy units to sometimes take no actions in combat
  • Fixed targeting arc for friendly fire on enemy units only appearing for the last fire action of a unit
  • Various fixes to UI, typos, and text issues


I think these are a great addition, they really add to the feel that a base is a fortified thing and not just a collection of buildings. Like most static defenses, they can be defeated by good movement but I think they either need a range boost or some marksman/sniper variants since they’re two kinds I’ve seen are out-ranged by a burst assault rifle at this point, which has a bit shorter range than the standard issue so honestly almost every weapon out-ranges them.
Also, are these supposed to be in reinforcement drops? I got one as a reinforcement drop and it was hilarious.

These changes were really needed, since it was way too easy to just slap evasion thrusters on everything for the max distance. The dashing jamming missiles is nice too. At some point the power cost vs. thruster power vs. heat cost balance probably needs examined, but I like the “do you want to dash farther or walk faster?” decision that is being offered.

The melee change is awesome, although it automatically switching sides when you adjust the angle is taking some getting used to. Maybe only have it switch direction when you hold ctrl? Also, having ctrl be a toggle might be a nice alternative.
Also, since when could you ctrl-click when designating a target and attack a location? Not sure how useful it is but it definitely needs to make it into the documentation somewhere :slight_smile:
Missile changes are good, the addition of primary handed missiles along with the other balance changes is really helping them have their own spot in the weapons lineup. Really need a “you have missiles locked onto you” notification for a mech though, trying to keep track of who needs to do some evasive dashing because they have missiles incoming is a chore. I think that’d be a good addition as well for a reason to take seeking vs. non-seeking missiles. Maybe a defensive slot module that does ECM or missile lock notification ?
The miniguns, well, Awesome but Impractical. The range is great, the damage is good, but the mass and duration of fire seems not worth it in the exchange (mostly the mass). It might just be that I’m used to more maneuver based combat but turning a mech into a very slow turret seems to not outweigh the vulnerability. Oddly enough, when you get at just the right range bracket, they seem to make great mech pilot incapacitation guns, since the hits just stack up concussion the whole burst, and most of the shots after you incapacitate seem to miss. FYI, the enemy units don’t seem to be following the rules that you can’t equip an offhand shield with a minigun.

All in all, I’m liking the changes, still having fun, and I look forward to what else y’all come up with.


The word you’re looking for is ‘rocket’. :wink: Seriously though, I do recommend subtyping them as rocket launchers so they’re immediately identifiable as launching unguided, self-propelled projectiles.

Alternately if you wanted something a bit more sci fi you could call 'em gyrojets.