Experimental Branch Patch 0.4.3-b1478

CHANGES IN 0.4.3-B1478

indicates changes due to community feedback!

VFX Improvements

  • Friendly rockets have blue flames while enemy rockets are red
  • Added a variety of smoke trails for different missile types
  • Improved explosion effects on missile impacts

Dashing and Melee Improvements

  • Dash range now match melee attack ranges
  • :mechanical_arm: It is now possible to use melee attacks between units at different elevations
  • Troopers and tutorial units no longer have thrusters (these units have the “Trooper” name under the enemy pilot portraits)

UI Changes

  • Changed the name of “Secondary” weapons to “Sidearm” weapons
  • Renamed the “Minigun” Ultra-Heavy weapon to “Vulcan”
  • Added a unique icon for Sidearm Missile weapons


  • Updated the new convoy map and large cache maps
  • :mechanical_arm: Units will fall and crash if the building they’re on is destroyed underneath them


  • Turrets no longer fly off their position when struck by melee attacks.
  • It is no longer possible to target enemy reinforcements while they’re dropping in
  • Fixed vehicle props not playing destruction SFX
  • Fixed an issue where various props were not showing destruction (such as trees not falling over when moving through them)
  • Improved turret rotation to align the bullets with the muzzle
  • Fixed Ultra-Heavy weapons missing icons in various UI
  • Fixed various visual issues with ultra-heavy weapons clipping into areas of the base
  • Prevented cases where shields could be equipped with ultra-heavy weapons and related visual issues
  • Fixed autocannons and cannons from tanks being found in salvages
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally enemy mechs will drop in with no weapons, ejecting immediately
  • Fixed an issue where inactive or dead units would trigger Turret reactions
  • Fixed visual issues with Turrets causing them to hang over the edge of elevated terrain
  • Fixed melee weapons missing their trails
  • Fixed an issue causing mechs to stay floating after dashing from different elevations
  • Fixed audio settings “wrapping” after setting to 0%
  • Turrets are now prevented from spawning in very close range to each other
  • Fixed weapon range flickering on tall buildings
  • Various animation improvements


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-Dash range now match melee attack ranges

After checking out the update, this should probably be rephrased to “melee attack range now matches dash range”
Do sensors still work on melee weapon range? It’s hard to tell. Also, this is a pretty big melee nerf, I think a reduction of mass of melee weapons would be a good counterpart to this change, especially with the large difference in mass between the lower and upper rank weapons.

Has anyone managed to get ahold of one of the Ultra Heavy weapons yet. Thought I finally had one earlier today but blew off one of the enemy’s arms and lost it.