Experimental Branch Patch 0.4.7

Hey Founder. The Council’s throwing a couple more experiments our way to test out with the shipyard. It seems the workers have been busy fixing up some issues as well, and they managed to exterminate that nasty bug in the Industrial Outlets. Let us know if you come across any others.

Patching you through some notes.


Changes as of 0.4.7

  • :ringer_planet: The load menu now has a more robust file deletion system! You can now delete all saves at the same time or select specific ones to remove.
  • The load menu also has an improved appearance
  • There is now camera consistency between Shipyard interior and City View
  • Added some juicy SFX to ship building and the shipyard UI
  • Shipyard launch requirements list now displays warnings if your ship doesn’t have a life support, enough fuel or enough power to sustain your ship

Fixes as of 0.4.7

  • Fixed how damage is displayed on ships and shipyard
  • Fixed a couple of minor and major crashes
  • Fixed the Incoming Attack Warning being displayed all the time
  • Fixed the oxygen meter not dropping when life support disabled in a ship
  • Fixed the radius of a relay not displaying correctly if placing another relay when construction completed
  • Fixed Industrial Outlet deleting grids when placed in another building
  • Fixed ship construction jobs not being able to pause
  • Fixed Employees inside the shipyard double spawning when entering the shipyard before starting another ship construction, creating ghost Employees

You can find the full list of known issues here.

Is anyone else having issues with employees being stuck on a prioritize repair task after rebel attack on buildings ? And then employees not doing other task when task are re-organized ?