Experimental Branch Patch 0.4.9

Founder. The Council is preparing for another big Titan Tuesday coming up. We’re giving you some materials ahead of time to prepare. We’ve got a busy few days ahead of us, and I’m sure the rebels won’t sit by quietly either, so I won’t take up any more of your time.

I’ll have someone patch through some notes to you. Do not disappoint us.


Changes as of 0.4.9

Ships & Shipyards

  • Ships are now only able to repair when docked in a Shipyard. This still costs the same number of credits as before
  • Launch sequence can now be cancelled by the player if they tried to launch while Employees were unable to leave the ship due to blocked entrance (or for any other reason you may want to cancel a launch)
  • Slightly adjusted the costs of hulls
  • Ship Repair now takes place when a ship is docked rather than in the air on the fly - you’ll have to dock your ship in a shipyard to repair any damage sustained in combat.
  • You can now cancel ship launches to make last minute changes to your ship, or if you’ve blocked an entrance and you have idle Employees on your ship
  • Added ships and ship devices to the player’s net worth at the game-over screen
  • You can now cancel, pause and resume ship construction from inside the shipyard
  • Added some new cursors for docking ships - both one showing that docking is possible and one showing it’s not


  • Changed how Rebel ships interact with player ships - they will now attack player ships even if the player has no weapons or employees aboard the ship
  • Wait period between rebel attacks is now 20% longer

Loading Screen, SFX & Tutorial

  • Raised the resolution of our loading screens
  • Added a new loading screen image for this month’s Titan Tuesday
  • Added tons of new SFX to multiple pieces of UI and in-game objects
  • Added a ton of new tutorial content to the Advisor’s Panel. Give them a call!

Storage & Resources

  • Small storage container now stores 12 resources instead of 10
  • Changed the colours of minerals, isotopes and waste in the UI. We’ll be readjusting them again soon, but this is a step in moving towards a more unified colour scheme across the whole game!

Pollution, Xethane, and Weather

  • Rain now falls less frequently, but reduces the impacts of pollution by double the previous rate
  • The amount of xethane removed by an Air Purifier was reduced by 50%

Fixes as of 0.4.9

  • Fixed roads not being able to repair
  • A bunch of fixes to our new SFX
  • Fixed some bugs in the Advisor Call system
  • Fixed Employees disappearing when a ship construction was cancelled
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when saving and loading inside the shipyard while no hull was under construction
  • Fixed a couple crashes having to do with shipyard destruction if a ship was inside when destroyed
  • Fixed fabricators in ships adding fuel to city grid instead of being exclusive to ship grid
  • Fixed ship construction continuing to happen when shipyard lost power
  • Fixed construction arms moving when they shouldn’t
  • Fixed saving and loading inside a building that wasn’t the HQ rotating the camera one rotation on load
  • Fixed construction being allowed on tiles that the player was not currently controlling if their Command Center was disabled
  • Fixed a strange movement that trucks could do when the Employee accidentally delivered and picked up 0 resources
  • Fixed trucks not being allowed to deliver to roads under construction
  • Fixed saving during a paused building dismantle showing the whole building on load until the job was unpaused
  • Fixed roads not refreshing correctly when buildings larger than 1x1 finished construction at the same time as another road
  • Fixed Employees getting stuck in dismantle animation if game was saved and loaded right as they were finishing a dismantle
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when some buildings finished construction
  • Fixed buildings that completed construction in the radius of a Command Center being online when construction completed if the Command Center lost power during construction
  • Fixed the shipyard background not loading correctly in some circumstances
  • Fixed strange Employee animation if a Crew Pod was damaged with an Employee inside
  • Fixed Employees being unassigned from their Crew Pods when idle after docking a ship, as well as when a Crew Pod was damaged
  • Fixed inaccurate labels on level 3 crew and weapon slots
  • Fixed ghost Employees being displayed when entering a second shipyard if they were in the first shipyard
  • Fixed UI panel not being dismissed when cancelling a ship device’s construction

You can find the full list of known issues here.

I see no fix for the path finding issue. Actually, it is not even mentioned on the “Known Issues” page. Can I ask why? This issue makes game unplayable for me, because my employees won’t pick resources from mines and it will block my entire economy, hence making it unable to build anything. And I have 25 idle workers not doing anything.
This is a major issue and should be addressed first. Are you guys aware of this issue, are you working on it?


Note that pathfinding isn’t the issue. It’s job queue management. Note that this issue has lots of underlying and different causes so it’s not a singular bug that can be fixed

@LordBeta welcome to the forums! As Satoru said, there is no ‘pathfinding’ issue - it is very much a combination of storage and job queue problems. Sometimes jobs get removed from the queue and sometimes storage gets out of sync, both causing Employees to stop moving or not perform jobs correctly. We’ve solved probably 50-odd instances where this result was produced; unfortunately as I’m sure you’re very aware of the issue persists. The problem with this kind of bug is that the result (Employees not performing tasks) is often caused by something that happened much, much earlier in the game - think even 10 minutes of gameplay prior to the issue occurring. We are aware of it and we are trying to find and squash as many instances as possible!

Ah OK, I didn’t know what the real issue was, I was browsing the forums and people were referring to path finding issue, so I assumed it was that.
Anyway, I’m glad to hear that you guys are working on it. It’s an important thing, since it can make game pretty much unplayable.
Thanks for the response and good luck with the game (I’m a developer myself, so I understand the bug squashing stress ;-).