Experimental Branch Patch 0.6.4


  • ROADS GO BRR: Roads now burrow!
  • NO MORE REPAIR DESPAIR: Rebuild directly from rubble.
  • BROWNIE POINTS: Gain 10 influence for destroying a rebel ship
  • SHORTCUTS: Hop directly between buildings without City View!


indicates changes due to community feedback!

Roads go brrr

  • Roads now burrow! Watch your credits though, as the amount of buildings you’ll be burrowing will be much larger than before if you have a big Transport network.

Don’t despair about needing repairs!

  • The moment we’ve all been waiting for – you can now Rebuild buildings that have been destroyed by Rebels! Rebuild All function coming at a later date.
  • Ship Repairing – repairing in the Shipyard will now repair all of your devices and floor tiles at no extra cost! Repairing your Ship’s hull will still cost credits, though.
    • There’s currently no VFX for this, so it will look like it’s happening automatically.
  • Building repairs can now be cancelled

Brownie Points

  • You now gain 10 influence every time you destroy a Rebel ship

No more blockages!

  • Employees now teleport off ships instead of walking off, which should help with ship launch getting stuck

Looking fresh

  • Updated the look and contents of the Codex
  • Added warning/error icons to Buildings and Ships when devices inside them are not functioning (missing Citizens, no power, storage full, etc)
  • Added a ton of juicy new SFX to UI interactions and buildings
  • Changed the look of our survey flags again – they now show exactly which resources are inside a ruin, including any artifacts.

I know a shortcut!

  • Shortcut button is back, with some improvements. This will make hopping between factories much faster!


  • Fixed a bunch of jobs that were not categorized properly, causing them to be completed last instead of in their correct prioritization
  • Fixed a few crashes that occurred while loading
  • Optimized some city pathfinding
  • Fixed not being able to drag jobs to the bottom of a folder
  • Fixed some text clipping issues
  • Fixed how folders interact on ships
  • Fixed a storage discrepancy when connecting smokestacks
  • Fixed storage discrepancies when upgrading mines
  • Fixed storage discrepancies that occurred when buying from the Spaceport or Council buildings
  • Fixed UI for ship launch not being reset to the correct state when loading in after launching a ship
  • Fixed UI not showing ship stats correctly when entering during a dismantle
  • Fixed some settings not being applied automatically (had to restart the game to have them take effect)
  • Fixed a lot of devices not having arrows displayed for entrances (generator on ship, for example)


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It is coming together quite nicely!

I have two pieces of feedback.

First, it would be nice if we could use tab or a button to cycle between selecting our ships. Things can get hectic in hardcore, and they can be a bit difficult to manually select.

Second, I like that you added a slider to the mine, so we can adjust when to order a pickup. That prevents trucks from picking up just 1 mineral at a time. But I also think we need the same thing for the smokestack, but inverse (deliver when X missing). Right now it takes like 5-6 trucks to keep the smokestack fed, and they all deliver 1 piece at a time - presumably as soon as there is room for 1 piece. This is actually a rather big issue because it quickly drains your fuel supplies from the truck station - just to deliver a single piece of trash over and over.

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@Multitudes we’re actually working on making both mine and smokestack easier to use (with less bugs!)

If you’re playing on experimental with this patch, you should have access to a little shorcut menu just to the right of center in the top HUD (beside your grids). This should let you click to move quickly between ships, thought you’re correct in that I think a shortcut doesn’t exist yet.