Experimental Branch Patch 0.8.2

Changes as of 0.8.2

The streets are alive with Citizens! Population Simulation 1.0 is finally here

  • Citizens now adhere to a loose schedule every day:
    • Commute to work and earn credits during the day
    • Wander the streets in the evening
    • Sleep at night (except for a few night owls!)
  • Citizens will choose their own housing based on Livability factors, including proximity to jobs, pollution sources, Headquarters, and Council/Spaceport
  • UI is populated with new details about livability factors for each building. You can see these changes in the build menu under each building’s stats and in their UI selection panels
  • Citizens wear different outfits in different colours
  • New Citizen animations to bring your city to life (and death, as it turns out)
  • The visual crowd density can be controlled via a slider in the Graphics Settings

Manage your newly populated city with the help of the Citizen Management panel

  • Located on the top left of the HUD alongside all your other management panels
  • Provides information on your living spaces, jobs, their occupancy and availability, as well as the spread between Citizen-related Buildings and Devices
  • Lets you know what time of day it is and what your Citizens are currently doing
  • Lets you know the general health of your Citizens in a percentage

Have you been looking for a way to spend those credits? Get ready, because your Employees are tired of working for free (and they want backpay! Just kidding)

  • Every Employee now requires a 50 credit salary paid out every 24 simulation minutes (once per Titan day)
  • If you can’t afford to pay, you won’t be able to convert new Employees, even if you have the Artifacts to do so until you pay out a full salary period

The more you mine…

  • Resource nodes now have quality degradation - the longer you mine, the less you’ll gain over time, however they still contain infinite amounts of resources.

Updates to UI, overlays, and SFX!

  • Timer on the bottom right of the screen can now be toggled to display simulation time passed or Titan time (days passed and current time of day)
  • The Jobs list now displays jobs in singular resources, rather than per tile, hopefully giving a more accurate view of how many resources need to move to a construction site or get cleaned up after a salvage
  • Smokestacks now have the same sliders that Mines do - you can set your Waste drop-off to be by Employee, by Truck, or by both
  • Updated the look of the Energy Overlay, as well as improved its functionality
  • A bunch of gorgeous new SFX for devices

A HUGE balance pass! Details below:

  • Player starts with 6000 credits instead of 100 credits
  • Mining by hand and mining by Mine are now the same speed
  • Mining speed for both isotope nodes and mineral nodes doubled
  • All building energy requirements doubled
  • Waste generation from Citizens is increased from 1 every 10sec to every 120sec
  • Reduced credit earning rate by 75% (Citizens earn 1 credit every 18sec)
  • Decreased storage capacity 20% for Energy Depot and Fuel Silo
  • Amount of migrants per ship increased x4
  • Increased Ship Unlock costs by x10
  • Increased Building Unlock cost by x5
  • Increased costs for many buildings:
    • 30 > 32 minerals for Transport Hub, Command Center, Monument, Fuel Fabricator, Air Filter, Energy Plant and Mine
    • 20 > 24 minerals for Industrial Fan and Shipyard
    • 20 > 32 minerals for Residential building
    • 30 > 48 minerals and 2 > 4 isotopes for Office building
    • 12 > 16 minerals for Conversion Center
    • 3 > 4 minerals for Roads
    • 60 > 64 minerals for Defense Turret
  • Decreased mineral costs for some buildings:
    • 10 > 8 minerals for Storage Facility, Factory, Smokestack, Pylon, Fuel Silo, and Energy Depot
  • Decreased cost and build times for some devices:
    • 8 > 4 for Habitat Pod, build speed is doubled
    • 6 > 2 for Monetization Station, build speed is tripled
  • Increased Residential living capacity:
    • Unconnected: 16 / 24 / 32 (levels 1/2/3)
    • Connected: 34 / 52 / 70
  • Increased Office job capacity:
    • Unconnected: 32 / 48 / 64
    • Connected: 68 / 104 / 140
  • Increased waste storage of Conversion Center and Residential:
    • Unconnected: 10 / 15 / 20
    • Connected: 20 / 30 / 40
  • Increased Employee Support for Conversion Center:
    • Unconnected: 4 / 6 / 8
    • Connected: 9 / 14 / 19
  • Energy Plant’s required fuel and energy output increased:
    • Unconnected: 12 / 18 / 24 fuel required, but 48 / 72 / 96 energy output
    • Connected: 24 / 36 / 48 fuel required, but 108 / 162 / 216 energy output

Fixes as of 0.8.2

  • Many, many adjustments and fixes to population simulation
  • Made some small optimizations to VFX when game is zoomed out
  • Fixed rock destruction not being cancellable
  • Fixed wording on Mine slider description
  • Fixed dismantling a resource patch while an Employee was mining causing Employee to be stuck mining forever
  • Fixed unassigning an Employee from a resource patch during their storage phase causing issues when reassigning an Employee later
  • Fixed (hopefully?) the issue causing massive slowdown on Stable version


Many thanks Council for this big update.

Starting with 6k is more comfortable but we have to spend it strategically by building at first places for new Citizens : Citizen Residence + Conversion Center + Office to produce new money, Smokestack and Fuel Generator …an essential pack !
We have to build much more Moneytizing units for making fast money because buying next device cost more money >2500 credits is long to reach because workers got now payed :money_mouth_face:

[suggestion] Wasteburning could bring some fresh “green” money for lower pollution acting.

Some other feedbacks IoT citizens ?

Thanks for the feedback! There’s definitely quite a bit of balancing we still have to do so any feedback regarding this is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Let’s start some suggestions dear Council.

Money grows while Employes are sleeping and paid :
wasteburning could produce some “green” credits to balance employes wages

You are a good manager :
A very rich xethane aera could apear during a special time (just like a gift) outside from the managed aera for balancing Fuel draining

More suggestions coming soon… :hugs: