Experimental Branch Patch Notes 0.2.13

Ahem. Founder, I sincerely apologize for yesterday’s… episode. Bahar has been a thorn in our side for a while, but it seems they’re growing bolder. We’re currently on high alert, so you can leave them to us for now.

I’m told there have been quite a few updates to ships, xethane and fuel in the meantime. I received some notes just now, so I expect someone will patch some through to you soon too. Stay safe out there.


Changes as of 0.2.13

Ships and Transport

  • Changed truck fuel consumption to be half of previous revision
  • Transport Hub now refuels at a rate of 20 fuel per second
  • Ship costs are slightly less
  • Added an indication that ships are early access still, and that we’re working on new features for them!

Hey look! Advisor Updates! (edit) oops, due to a build hiccup, these aren’t available yet! We’ll fix it next time.

Xethane, Sinkholes & Crevices

  • Purifier removes less xethane (50% decrease)
  • Crevices and Sinkholes generate less xethane
  • Xethane consumption has been balanced to reduce huge fuel generation when building
  • Fuel Hub storage changes
  • Turbines near Sinkholes/Crevices
  • Added a stat on selection UI for Sinkholes and Crevices to show how much fuel is being output each second

Make sure to dress appropriately!

  • Dynamic weather is here! Experience snow and rain on Titan.

Your actions DO have consequences:

  • Employee and Citizen death notifications are now different colours

Fixes as of 0.2.13

  • Fixed a crash that occurred whenever rebel ships spawned
  • Fixed some issues with Rebel Barks
  • Fixed some Codex bugs and typos
  • Fixed Employees storing resources on the wrong floor when returning from a cancelled construction
  • Fixed duplicate ship appearing when launching a ship
  • Fixed priority list reverting when loading a game that had an adjusted priority list

You can find the full list of known issues here.

At this time I do not recommend trying to build ships, I have had multiple memory issues where game freezes up and then crash due to low memory, this has happened in previous update 0.2.10 and this update 0.2.13 , I will be working to test out other features with new games and see if they can be reproduced in the ship building I built just enough fuel generators and power and only storage for supplies on the first floor both times and it still had issue. I also understand that ships are still in testing, this is just my experience with them. Also it did not matter what ship I tried to build. This is related to vxxglbol bug report.

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@Damien_V I’ve received your save file in the bug reporter, thank you for sending it! I haven’t been able to reproduce with your save file unfortunately, but will keep trying to do so. Thank you!

I will try the new update this weekend see if I hit the issue again, but I will delete all other saves and do a restart of my computer before starting a new game to make sure that there are no bugs and the cache is cleaned out. Also next time it happens or if I remember , I will try to record the event and attach a video file to show what happened

This is on windows 10

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After testing in the newest update their has been no issues with ship building, in fact it actually worked this time. This might have been a fluke on my side. But I will continue to test and report bugs as they appear and try to better document issues to help reproduce when checking

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