Experimental Branch Patch Notes 0.2.14

Founder, we’re upping our firepower against the rebels. Each ship yard can now support two ships, and we’ve made it easier to repair them.

We’re patching through some more details, but this should be enough to keep them busy for the time being.


Changes as of 0.2.14

Ship updates:

  • Each shipyard now supports two ships instead of just one
  • Ships can now be repaired (which costs credits, as usual)! You can also command them to self destruct.
  • Shipyard also has a new thumbnail in the City Construction menu
  • Ship names have been updated
  • Added a warning flag to let you know your ship has finished construction and is ready for launch
  • Added a ‘Construct Ship’ job priority category

Not ship updates:

  • Turret isotope cost has been lowered from 8 to 4, but it now requires 8 energy instead of 4 energy to power.
  • Added some lovely SFX to building transitions
  • Added UI indicating that excess resources need to be removed on a device construction

Codex updates and people who talk to you:

  • Codex and Advisors panels are now actually accessible!
  • Updated the contents of the Rebel Barks and Codex

Balance changes:

  • Reduced fuel consumption of trucks a little bit
  • Balanced frequency and duration of weather
  • Added credit costs for ship unlocking
  • Increased fuel creation of fuel fabricators by 33%

Fixes as of 0.2.14

  • Fixed the unlock panel not refreshing when unlocking a ship
  • Fixed weather progressing while the game is paused
  • Adjusted transparency of the City Construction panel
  • Fixed ship construction timer always displaying 999
  • Fixed fuel silos and tanks being completely emptied by Transport Hubs
  • Fixed a crash when ship construction delivery jobs were sorted incorrectly
  • Fixed placing a shipyard on top of existing Employees causing shipyard to never complete construction
  • Did a massive rework of in-world icons, UI widgets, ship layouts etc to prevent memory leaks when a shipyard is in game
  • Fixed weather not saving properly
  • Fixed ships being allowed to construct if there were not enough Employees to man them

You can find the full list of known issues here.


Something went wrong here :slight_smile:

Turret Cost is now 50M/8I /8E from 60/8/4 and upgrade cost increaset from 10 (lvl 1->2) and 15 (2->3) to 16/24.

Fuel fabricators (devices). I had a nice 6 Tile crevice near my base so i built my initial factory there with 2 fuel fabricators. These 2 sucked the xethane dry within minutes and basically stopped producing anything.
Without a crevice/sinkhole next to your HQ you are basically F*ed. You need the first 100 credits to buy turrets, but now you cant produce enough energy to power even one while trying to have 1 Habitat Pod and 2 Money Stations make you some coin for a fuel turbine to be able to power all this.
On top of this you need to be very lucky with your starting ruins otherwise you will have a very hard time to build even the basic stuff.
Titan difficulty btw so the timings are a lot tighter.


I only tried ships once: I built the biggest ship that was offered (120HP/3Guns) and it lost a 1v1 against a rebel ship despite having fired the opening shots. --> not even remotely worth it, never touched it again.

On a (very) positive note: 2.13/2.14 seem to have fixed the “high worker count stutters/freezes/memleak” somewhat.
The memleak seems to be gone and the short freezes when building are almost gone. they still appear at very high worker counts (last game with 2.13 was up to 500 workers 150 of them had permanent jobs so about 350 free employees)

At this point the game has “other” problems. I had to end this game bec i had ALL of my workers stuck on their temp jobs (cleanup mostly). and nothing was getting done. I tried freeing up some of the the permanent workers and they finished new jobs just fine but since the old jobs were already assigned to other workers.
Maybe a “cancel all jobs” button would help so the game can reassign workers. (or do that on save/reload automatically)

Framerate still drops significantly when the city expands.

i always play on 3x speed and high worker counts bec i want jobs to get done. Fast.
1x is unbearably slow :smiley:

oh…and PLEASE let us turn of the weather! my eyes bleed when the “winter” hits (or whatever this is supposed to be :stuck_out_tongue: )

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I can agree with most points but I just gotta say that I love new weather effects.

I Have been experiencing xethane disappearing bug which is really annoying and I believe I tracked it with truck depots. I recorded how a single depot eats like 6000 of stored xethane. I can’t use them because they eat all my hard-earned xethane.

Save file:
Disappearing xetane.zip (790.3 KB)
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@NIX-CRO We’re aware of the Transport Hub drinking up all your fuel, working on a fix right now and should be ready by tuesday next week when we release the patch to main! :smiley:

@R-Type I’ve forwarded your feedback to the lead to consider further balance changes! Glad to hear performance seems to be better with the newer patches.

Thank you for the feedback.

I have identified a bug in the Fuel balance that resulted in fuel draining 4x the intended rate. This is fixed in the next build.

Regarding ships and turret changes.

Turrets were buffed to be 2x as strong, and as a result their cost has increased. This is to also move the game away from being a game about spamming towers.

I will look into buffing player ships.

Regarding snow and rain: The weather types have gameplay effects. We can let you disable them in the future, but it’ll affect the balance of your game.

Thank you for the feedback!


the 2.14 patch notes above state:

Not ship updates:

  • Turret isotope cost has been lowered from 8 to 4, but it now requires 8 energy instead of 4 energy to power.

it does NOT state that isotope cost has increased alongside the energy increase.