Experimental Branch Patch Notes 0.2.4

Ahh, Founder! Good to see you again. Laiyo Visk here, your head of human assets. I’ve been meaning to speak with you about some problem employees. We had noticed that some were idling around more than usual, and seemed a little confused about the most efficient routes to take to transfer storage, so we have… corrected that behaviour.

There have been a couple other changes outside of my scope of work, so I’ll have someone patch the notes over to you, but I figured you would be happy to hear that from me. Do pay us a visit soon, yes?


Changes as of 0.2.4

  • Mostly bugfixes, but we’ve also added an easier way to include your save file and your forums username/discord/email via the bug reporter (all completely optional, of course). Please check it out when you have a chance!
  • Slight update to the way information is displayed on Fuel devices and buildings for better clarity
  • Added a ‘no energy’ flag to Batteries and Energy Depots when they are not within range of an Energy source
  • Added a repeat 1 and shuffle button to the Jukebox

Fixes as of 0.2.4

  • Fixed trucks being incorrectly reserved and disappearing if a device was placed on top of an Employee who couldn’t path out of it, causing them to take the elevator incorrectly and reserve a truck.
    • This indirectly fixed trucks disappearing when upgrading or connecting a Transport Hub.
  • Fixed Xethane not generating from Sinkholes after loading the game
  • Fixed Mine slider not retaining the number it was previously set at (would always default back to 1)
  • Fixed upgrading and connecting buildings not refreshing adjacent roads, resulting in pathfinding issues from those buildings when using a truck
  • Fixed storage discrepancies and Employee movement issues when Employees were trying to move resources from a storage that was one floor below them to another storage location (caused exponentially multiplying resources in the destination storage)
  • Fixed Employee becoming permanently idle if a dismantle job was paused and then resumed
  • Fixed Employee not being let go from a paused Construction job, causing issues later on, as well as potentially allowing negative resources if job was paused and unpaused repeatedly

You can find the full list of known issues here.