Experimental Branch Patch Notes 0.3.7

Greetings again, Founder. Not much new to report to you this time. We’re ensuring your Employees have all the proper training to run ships, and we’ve resolved a couple little things around ships - they should be a bit easier to use now, and you’ll find they don’t cause nearly as many problems when they go down… Not that you’re losing to the Rebels with any regularity, Founder. Let’s keep it that way, shall we?
Oh, looks like the Council gave you access to some more ships as well. Lucky you!


Changes as of 0.3.7

  • Tweaked the collision detection boxes of all ships to make them easier to select
  • Added map destinations to Titan’s surface in the new game menu that can be clicked to select different maps
  • 6 new ships for you to check out and enjoy!
  • Ships now deal 25% less collateral damage to buildings below them
  • Ships now turn at a proportion of their max velocity, making every ship different depending on how many engines they have vs their size
  • Fixing so many bugs for you!

Fixes as of 0.3.7

  • Fixed target squares not disappearing after rebel died
  • Fixed grid UI bug where power stopped being displayed if relay was toggled on and off
  • Fixed tiles outside of Council building range not costing influence
  • Fixed Employee panel not being hidden completely in ships
  • Fixed targeting not being displayed when re-entering Tactical view while in combat
  • Fixed incorrect low health text on Employees in ships
  • Fixed many many crashes
  • Fixed Employees not being visible on load in buildings
  • Fixed static not tweening out correctly
  • Fixed allowing players to enter a ship while a self destruct was queued if the game was paused
  • Fixed repair all button not fixing ships as well
  • Fixed two energy depots being disabled and enabled causing battery drain to be zero
  • Fixed relay not animating correctly if built before an outlet connected to an external power source
  • Fixed combat UI in multiple different ways
  • Fixed trucks not being returned correctly if the last Employee to arrive to a construction site was using a truck
  • Fixed relays not animating when an outlet was built after the relay and connected to an external power source
  • Fixed ships getting stuck on each other while moving around
  • Fixed hotkeys allowed to enter buildings that are being destroyed
  • Fixed keybinds not sorting correctly in settings
  • Fixed Rebel names being editable in Tactical View
  • Fixed repair all not triggering repair on ships
  • Fixed a couple crashes
  • Fixed old saves with ships causing a crash when ships were entered - ships made prior to the Tactical View update will be wiped from a save file if it’s loaded.
  • Fixed long ship names getting shrunk down on their UI panels
  • Fixed icons in combat for Employee actions as well as Fuel and Energy storage
  • Fixed connecting Energy Depots not combining the stored energy of both buildings
  • Fixed an issue where a relay assumed that there was a steady energy source if two batteries were connected to it when the outlet to the actual power source was disabled
  • Fixed Energy Overlay not being viewable in ship interiors
  • Fixed an issue where loading certain games would load to the wrong floor of a building, causing a crash
  • Fixed a new instance of combat music being triggered every time a ship was entered
  • Fixed a bunch of material issues inside ships
  • Fixed ship power management being saved and loaded too early
  • Fixed duplicate devices being displayed inside ships if Tactical View was left and then re-entered
  • Fixed camera not being centered on ships when leaving Tactical View while in combat
  • Fixed enable/disable switch being visible on Crew Pods
  • Fixed multiple UI glitches in Tactical View
  • Fixed UI flags showing up on the wrong side of Tactical View if the camera was moved too far
  • Added a lot of checks to prevent crashes in multiple scenarios
  • Fixed selection box not being hidden when leaving Tactical View
  • Fixed ship grids not being accessible in the dropdown menu in the HUD
  • Fixed damage effect on devices in ships
  • Fixed repair material not working correctly in ships
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when two ships were very close together and a player ship tried to engage one of them

You can find the full list of known issues here .

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Hello. I am noticing some issues with fuel generation and I am not sure where else to post this question since I cannot make a new thread. But my fuel generation is swinging constantly, making it impossible to reliably build up my base, as all of a sudden, I’m down 15 fuel or whatever. I have several fuel generators and I can’t seem to get anywhere.

This confused me for the longest time too.
They have changed how fuel generators work.

Fuel generators convert Xethane into fuel, so you can’t just place them down all over the place.
You need to check the last icon on the right of the Overlay menu, marked Xethane. This will show you the best places to build your generators.

I’m not even sure if it is a good idea to upgrade them fully, as this may suck up all the Xethane too quickly, producing less over time (but i am not sure).

In a “normal” square you don’t really want to go above level 1 as the rate of regen isn’t high enough to compensate. As fuel depots have a range of 2, you’ll also need to space them out

Next to crevices or sinkholes you can go hog wild with level 3