Factory inside grid, no power in factory

I started new game, created enough power and an outlet in the HQ, and a power relay building. After that I created a factory and placed inside an industrial outlet and power relay medium and small to cover most of the squares. But I got zero power in the building. I removed the outlet and rebuilded it on the same spot only one the devices became powered, the rest( and the outlet itself) show no power.

Hi there @NikosK - thanks for your post and welcome to the forums! We’re aware of some issues currently with power and posts like yours (detailed information about where and how and what you built devices and buildings) are really useful for us. To clarify, which version of the game are you playing?

I have the latest version from Epic store. The only reason I can think why I can’t power the building is that I finished it and created the internal grid before finishing the grid in my HQ ( i had forgotten to connect the outlet to the internal grid of the HQ).
While looking the electric grid I show that everything is on grid 1 except one small relay in the factory that says grid 2.
I have includedGameData.7z (341.1 KB) the save game file if you want it

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