Fast plot selection and claim

In the later stage of city development, one-click one plot is too slow and you may be able to add this function: Select multiple contiguous plots by holding the Shift key while left-clicking and selecting multiple isolated plots by holding the Ctrl key while left-clicking on what you want to select. Just like selecting cells in Office Excel. After selected these plots it will calculate total influences automatically and I can claim all of them at once. Mouse box selection (I don’t know if it’s the right name, or click and drag?) is the best, but it may be very complex because you have to decide what will show when I select some buildings, ruins, empty plots or their mixture. I hope this function will be achieved!

We knew during development that 1 plot claiming at a time was not very fun, but we ran out of time before being able to implement the solution for this. We have a larger redesign on the table that will solve the issue that we aren’t ready to talk about. The redesign will render shift+click or marquee options unnecessary. Sorry that it is annoying right now, I agree it needs some improvement.