Fatigue always goes up?

Is this working as intended? I have pilots not even assigned to units gaining fatigue. The only way I see to lower it is after some missions, by spending supply.

Fatigue moves toward baseline value(100) always. I don’t know how it affects when it’s below 100.

Hi @Laughing_Kitsune welcome to the forums! @Poge is correct here - fatigue always moves to a baseline of 100.
0 (feeling great!) > 100 (neutral) > 200 (exhausted)
If it helps, it might be easier to think of it like this
-100 (feeling great!) > 0 (neutral) > +100 (exhausted)
with -100 being the most well rested, 0 being neutral, and +100 being completely exhausted.

Your fatigue stat directly impacts your Concussion stat in combat - if you have 0 fatigue, it will take a lot more concussive damage to put your pilot out of commission. If you have 200 fatigue, they’ll go down much faster than usual.

Pilots who aren’t in combat will still trend towards 100, even if they aren’t in combat.

I would definitely say this isn’t very well explained and since it seems to be a core mechanic, needs a better explanation and/or system.

Agree. ATM, not clear what the numbers mean. Probably better UI in the works. Simple Status markers, “Enthused” “Normal” “Weary” with “+” and “-” markers communicating which way theyre trending would be much more helpful.

I got extremely confused by this too.

I haven’t spent a lot of time with the game, but could it be renamed to “Stamina” and reversed (200 is best, 0 is worst)? Then it would be a simple matter to add a “%” sign, clearly implying 100% is the “normal” and therefore pilots will trend towards 100% stamina.

Perhaps there’s some mechanic that would make this not work later on in the campaign though.