Feedback at 24 hours played

First of all, this game is incredible, and with such a polished, and fucking inventive core gameplay loop, I believe it will do monstrously well, especially when it eventually releases on steam. This will be one of those games that sells a bit at first, gets great user reviews and then sells a ton over its first year or 2 on steam.

My feedback

  • Larger maps and enemy spawns generally weighted to being slightly farther away would be nice. I enjoy a turn of maneuver before the carnage. I dislike when I spawn in rifle\shotgun range, even if it’s to my benefit.

-Reinforcements. I would love if reinforcements came on as sensor blips and then ‘spawned’ as if we just detected them rather than dropping in. If the enemy has that kind of technology on demand the suspension of disbelief is far too much regarding our giant truck insurgency.

-More variant for the enemies. I see random weapons and equipment, but I dont really see light vs heavy, they all seem to run medium with a mix of parts. It’d be nice to see big heavy brawlers and then skinny fast enemies. Tougher enemies could have mechs made entirely of matching set parts, factory new.

-shops to buy\sell parts, I assume this is coming as I see the black market event but never the market.

and of course

replay button

GOTY 2021 Phantom Brigade


I’ll do my best to answer some of your feedback!

Larger maps and better spawn points

This is something we really want to do!

Different reinforcements

Also something we have planned! We want enemies to show up in a variety of ways.

More variation for enemies

As we get more armour sets in the game, this will become possible! (plus all the other cool fun stuff we have planned) :wink:


I’m actually not 100% sure what the plan is for like a shop you can buy explicit equipment from, I will have to check!

and you know the replay button is coming ;D