Feedback from first play, about 11-12 hours.

Hello, First thank you so much for all the work you have put into this game thus far. It’s really an absolute solid start to an early access title and i’m greatly looking forward to seeing its development!

So in no real order some general feedback I had wrote down as I played to post when I had completed a game.


  1. Please have waste shown in a separate capacity from general resources, as waste cant be put into general storage containers you have to eyeball the storage bar when mousing over to really see how much space you have left.

Energy and Fuel:

  1. Unless i’m just blind there was no way to see just how much overall energy I had stored in my batteries and fuel in my tanks other then looking at each battery and fuel tank individually. There was a point in the game where I entered a fuel deficient for a long period of time from idle employee’s and I would of been handy to have a fuel stored bar along with the minerals and isotopes to see how quickly I was burning my reserve. This would also be useful for battery storage.

Blueprints / Ghost building?

  1. My very early game was plagued by undoing my work orders in factories as I tried different placements to get things to fit and have room for energy and movement, like a factory dedicated to conversion. Being able to quickly ghost build and cancel to find a layout that works would be handy.

Range Outlines:

  1. When placing Pylons, Turrets, Command Centers being able to see what range they will have as they level would help with placement overall. An example would be if I selected a Pylon to build it would show me where the current level 1 energy would reach and then an outline of the level 2 and 3 reach.

Moving Resources:

  1. Being able to select a building such as smokestacks or mines and toggle them to be critical for moving resources, this would allow a selection of my employee’s to always work at moving for those buildings rather then hauling the new area I just cleared out of ruins.


  1. Citizens die quickly, its a fact of Titan life. However it doesn’t need to end so quickly during high pollution moments, perhaps a new building that can shelter those that have yet to choose conversion, they would be idle and not make you money in this shelter but they would be alive, perhaps keeping them in there to long could even lead to revolts?

  2. The HQ, while magnificent it does tend to diminish as the city is build around it, perhaps making it take a larger space or be a bit taller to help it stand out!

  3. Being able to mass toggle disable, if a raid manages to hit a power factory or generator or two then after the fight being able to disable non essential buildings quickly to stabilize before rebuilding.

  4. Destroyed buildings, while the city is under my personal care and management, as it grows I cant remember what every brick of it did after a time, some kind of ruin perhaps left behind to indicate what it was before it was blown up, this would also fit in with all the ruins around you as a reminder of those failed ventures.

  5. Sometimes you have to give an employee a daunting list of buildings to be build, being able to select buildings under construction and selecting critical to put more pressure to build that one first rather then others.


Really needs more credit sinks, at the moment I was maxed credits in the first 1-2 hours and stayed that way for the rest of my game. Perhaps turrets need a credit upkeep? this would encourage keeping citizens alive and stocked to bring in more money.

The Attacking Ships:

  1. Should focus more on attacking the closest sources of Power, maybe even not allowing upgraded pylons to be borrowed. this would lead to attacks being a bit more threatening. As is, I rarely felt threatened by the rebels even when they sent 8-10 ships.


  1. More trade tickets please? I assume this will come but just asking to be sure.

  2. An option to spend lots of credits(idk like 20k-30k) to the council and or space station to bring a ship full or resources or citizens…like a lot of them, with a long cool-down naturally.

That’s all I really have so far, I had a great time over the last few days playing and look forward to the next city when more things have been added.