[Feedback & Ideas] Better immersion and experience overall.

Hello there, i’ve playerd the game from the first day of EA and it’s awesome and got a lots, tons of potencial. The engine it’s amazing and the core game it’s playeble till end now compare to the first day. Congrats to all Brace Yourself Team Members.

I’m thinking on few ideas that could help for a better immersion and experience.

  • 1 Damage & Repair sistem 2.0

I was playing a Titans today and i was watching on a building that it was low hp and “burning” and teoreticaly it was at 20% HP but working on 100%, i was low on cash and i was wondering why i should repair because there’s no rush.
In the future it could be awesome to implement some penalty over unrepaired building/damaged buildings for better immersion and to motivate a player to repair ASAP a building.
EX: LVL 3 Smokestaks that has under 70% HP a worker could be disable, under 35% HP two can be disabled until. Because it has 3 workers atives on max lvl it could be be diveded to 3 stages and/or could emit much more polution. The penalty over buildings could be directly proportional with the missing HP to and can affect productivity speed or other productivitie/eficiency aspects for each tipe of the buildings until you repair.

  • 2 AutoSave 2.0 - improvement when in Pause state.

I’m sure you all got some autosaves acidentaly overwrite because you were in pause state AFK from the PC. This will result in lost game if a bug get trigered.
In my case i was multitasking and trying to reproduce some bugs to post them here and then i got overfloded with job work and other house stufs and i minimized the game in pause state and all my saves got overided. I use 3 min and maximum 10 saves because a higher option dosent exist. For start please make an option to choose 20-30-40-50 etc saves because it’s a eazy task but in the future it could be great that when yout are in pause state to stop save the game or stop overwrite at least for the EA time.

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3. Cancelt option for dismantel a building.
We should have a cancel for the dismantel process. Sometimes when i hit that button to dismantle a building i want to cancel but i only have a pause button instead of cancel.

4. AutoSave 3.0 for EA (related to Nr.2 AutoSave 2.0 - improvement when in Pause state)
I’ve tested some custom option from editing the GameUserSettings and other’s interval for autosaves and it’s working OK for now but it’s not perfect. For now i prefer to save on each 2 min with the maximum numbers of 30. But if you can make the game to stop autosave while in pause it will solve all the problems and inconvenient with the lost saves. It’s kinda annoing to lose all the works sometimes if you forget the game AFK in pause, it’s a no go for somebody.
In aditional i propose to add other intervals for AutoSaving time: 1 / 2 / 3 / 5 / 7 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 30. I think more than 15 min it’s overkill and usseles on autosaves.
The numbers of saves depend on the pause bug i propose to add new valure: 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60, personal i think more than 30 it’s overkill but if you save on each 2 min that will means only 60 minutes, more than that will result in ovewrite so you could go how much you want.

5. We should have a priority option in construction. It will help to have control when you build or rebuild. All similars game that you can’t control the minions has some similar options.

6. Random events & Task’s - positive and negative and you can choose to do it or ignore and will have some efects. (ill come with some ideea in the future)
I prefere more negatives events like counter spionage / sabotage etc depends on the storry behind of the Titan Industry that is not revealead.

7. MiniMap 2.0 - the minimap it will be awesome if you can click an go to where you want like in other games with minimap. (ill come with more details in the future)