Feedback: Ship construction & combat (as of Update 9)

So, there were a few things that I’ve noticed while playing regarding ships that are a mixture of feedback, questions, & requests. In the grand scheme of things, though, I really enjoy where they sit at this point.

Feedback: :+1: Crew Pod pathing

I really enjoy how, at least currently, Crew Pods effectively don’t block any paths, and I really hope that this doesn’t change. It’s extremely helpful with allowing the smaller ship layouts to still have more devices on them, even if it needs to be rather compact.

Granted, though, I imagine that, once the changes come down the line for Fuel transportation, I’ll have to adapt a fair bit, but that’s more to do with the other devices than the Crew Pods themselves.

Feedback/questions: Shield device range?

  • Is there any way currently to know whether other devices are protected by a shield device?
  • The description says “nearby devices”, but how nearby is “nearby”?
  • Can multiple shield devices shield the same device in a stacked fashion, or is it redundant?
  • If there isn’t any visual representation in-game yet, could we have something to show whether the shields are protecting devices?

Feedback/bug?: Weapons & Whites of their eyes?

I’ve noticed that, the moment that one’s ship is in range of an enemy, both ships immediately fire their initial salvos without a chance to target them.

This gives Medium and Large weapons a major initial advantage that largely favors the AI over the player; they typically can target their weapons more intentionally, while player weapons are targeted randomly.

This can lead to the player very much disabled, constantly getting wailed upon if unevenly matched and will likely lead to a one-sided loss without enough rearrangement of the ship’s crew priorities (order, values to start repair, stop repair, and number of crew allowed to repair it simultaneously) and/or having spare crew that are there purely for repair/replacement purposes.

I’m not sure if this “ships fire immediately upon coming into range” thing is intended or a bug, but I figured that I could provide some context and feedback thoughts from my perspective.