Feel ripped off and deceived.

I saw the game on the Epic Games launcher and it looked pretty cool, I looked through the videos and images on the page and thought it looked fun so I bought it. After two hours I realize the game really had nothing to it and was super bare-bones. I realize it’s early access but the page makes the game look way more complete and appear to have way more content than it actually does. And since it’s on Epic Games Store I couldn’t get a refund because I was 24 minutes over 2 hours, probably because I left my computer idle for awhile. The Epic Games Store has no reviews or forums to even warn me about the lack of content. I’m disappointed and frustrated.

Hello Jet35, I’m sorry that you feel ripped off, this was not our intention and we hope that someday the game will meet your expectations. Many people have been waiting years for Titan’s release and we knew a game with the size and complexity that we want to create would require quite even longer to fully develop.

We have a very large list of features we want in the game. We didn’t want to make people wait any longer than necessary so we decided to release Titan in an Early state, knowing that there was a lot of features missing. The price of Titan was set to represent what it will be when the game is finished. All of our updates will be free and are included in the price, which will never increase.

Every first Tuesday of the month we plan on releasing free content updates to move us closer to the full version of the game. Our first update is releasing in 2 weeks, which adds Roads and Trucks. After that, we will be moving onto the Combat Milestone which adds the Interior Combat view of gameplay that we had at PAX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxUbeSjpc38

You can view the roadmap here to get an idea for what our vision for the game is:


While I understand that this is early access, I can’t help sharing the above mentioned sentiment. I think it largely stems from two issues. Firstly, the lack of features displayed on the store page, and secondly the lack of current meaningful gameplay.

The first issue I have is with the screenshots currently on the EPIC store. Pretty much any screenshot of an actual city includes roads, which aren’t presently available. Yes, I know it’s a coming feature but it’s pretty damn strange for a city builder, even in EA, to not even have roads. This goes also for most of the trailers used to sell the game as well, which prominently feature ship combat and the like. None of this is representitave of the EA product, and sadly this is all the user has to go on when purchasing the game. The above roadmap not being on the main page and all.

The second issue, which is admittedly tied to the first, is the lack of meaningful gameplay. I myself like the OP above, played around 2 hours before I realized there was nothing to really do. Buildings and devices aren’t balanced in any way, placement in factories and city level means nothing, money has no use etc. I know all these seperate elements are lacking planned features which will eventually flesh them out, but it would be nice if like some other EA titles, there was a focus on at least completing one component of the gameplay loop, instead of everything feeling incomplete in some way.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still very excited for this game on its promise alone, but I just don’t feel like I’ve had a proper taste yet. Having bought into EA, there is the expectation that we would have access to many of the things shown off, even it they were janky, but it is discouraging to see, looking at the roadmap, so many core features still months, or even years off.

Dont be this way. The game has huge potencial and at this point it’s only the core game that i am happy to play. Nobody lied you but you got bigger expectation from the start and that’s why you are in this situation.
In the first few days probably more of us get this feeling but it will dissapear in time, but usual in real EA this is the way how you do it, more or less.
For few weekes from the frist day of EA the DEVs team released lots of fixed and now the game it’s almost 90-95% fixed and much playable as a core game.
Now it’s time to let them focus on content and fixed, there will be changes over time, the communitiy it’s cool and most important thing it’s that the team it’s awesome and active in discord.

The bad part is that to many other devs are launching games in EA on steam and then never exit this stage and at some point most of them game die or get stuck forever in EA, usual because of bad reviews and probably bad community overall so don’t be to hars.
Because of this type of “launch” on steam you get a normal feeling that an EA state of the game it’s a full product, that is wrong, maybe beta it’s a test much closed to the end of product.
In the reality i allways prefer this type of old scool EA, the feeling to be a beta-tester where you need to give real feedback it’s much better.

Because it’s only a core-game at this moment try to be positive instead of negative because the game will deliver much more in the future i’m 100% sure.

LE: For example at this exactly moment they anounced that the game will have a music player inside, that will let you choose the titan music you prefer and with the progress you will unlock other tunes. This was never mention and for me this option it’s absolutly amazing.

No i did not miss it. My point it that i know exactly what i buyed and at what stage it was the EA at that time because i’ve made a reasearch on google and youtube.
But for other people i think dev’s should put a picture with the roadmap in the store page to be obvious what it’s the stage with the actual build.

So in order to find the truth about the state of the game you had to go to google and youtube to research it, thus the information presented on the store page is not a true representation of the current game. Which, if we follow this logic, is misleading and deceptive. In my opinion, not the greatest practices coming from a new developer.

Agree, there was a disconnect from what is in the store display to what is in the game. Though they added the roadmap image that clarifies it. I’m still super excited for this game to get to where it wants to go. I’m torn between frustration with pending features and quite a number of storage bugs, but yet here I am still all super excited. I might have a problem. ?