Fuel Fabricators Not Generating Fuel?

Build Number / Patch Number: 18204

Seed Number: 1454631655

Type of Bug: Gameplay

Blocking Progression: Kinda

Result of Save/Load: No

Short description:

Despite having multiple fuel Fabricators, fuel drain is negative meaning my energy production is very inconsistent. In this save I only need 5 fuel to maintain one S and one M Energy Generator, but the fuel generation can’t keep up with this and drains my fuel stores, desipte having 7 Fuel Fabricator-S

Disabling various Fuel Fabricators doesn’t seem to make fuel consumption stable, thus making energy consumption unstable. If i make too many Fuel Fabricators, it’ll drain Xethane to the point where it’ll be zero.

GameData.zip (1.8 MB)

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Hey @Satoru! I thiiiink this may have been a balance issue that Andy recently corrected, and should be fixed in the Titan Tuesday patch… loading your save here didn’t seem to produce the results you described for me. Let us know how it goes!

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Yep had the same issue. The Xethane produces not fast enough and the fuel generators almost drain it instanly :confused:

I agree, xethan usage by fuel generators/turbines and /or xethane generation from sinkholes/crevices is out of balance. When you play low risk or esp. pioneering terraformers the are simply not enough options to sustain the energy needs of a growing city and that is even without trucks (still useless :stuck_out_tongue: fuel usage and esp. pollution are prohibitive to even consider using trucks )

also: when you start a new map the xethane is really low everywhere so you struggle to even get your energy started. For me this is illogical because we settle on an area that has been abandoned for a very long time so xethane concentration should be very high when you first arrive :wink:

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Thank you for your feedback @o0Dom0o @R-Type! We did a bunch of fuel rebalancing for today’s Titan Tuesday release. Please let us know what you think :slight_smile:

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