Game Freeze (with some stack debug info)

Build Number / Patch Number: 2020-07-15-1032-p17608-v613-S
Seed Number: 1452966435
Type of Bug: Freeze
Blocking Progression: yes for instance (kill taskman and restart to go further)
Result of Save/Load: No
Short description:

After playing for a bit my game will freeze while the game memory consumption will shoot up instantly from a few Gigs to > 14GB of RAM in about a second or less. The game remains unresponsive and must be killed with taskman.

I tried getting a dump report from windows but it never completes, however after many attempts I was successful in saving a performance profile session from Visual Studio using your pdb symbols. At the last few second or so of the profile history the CPU cycles drop abnormally focusing on one area and it looks like it’s mass-allocating UBYGNavigationDriveable related edges in an endless loop. (like +70% of CPU cycle time in history chunk)

Reproduction Steps: Seemingly non-deterministic? occurs within 4-15~ minutes of “normal gameplay”

I cannot seem to attach the zip of the .diagsession I am using in these screenshots. It is 65MB


Well done on debugging this one! We’re sharing the details with the team.