Game hangs after some random amount of seconds just after load

Build Number / Patch Number: 0.8.0-b2953-S
Seed Number: 1468382977
Type of Bug: Gameplay
Blocking Progression: Yes
Result of Save/Load: No
Short description : Game was running fine i was uncovering more and more of the map and at some point it started to hang for few seconds here and there as i was progressing with my builds and other tasks it was becoming more and more annoying as the short hangs become longer hangs and at some point it all turned into no go. So now whenever i load the game by either clicking continue or manually selecting save it will start and after few seconds it hangs without any errors, to stop it i need to go to task mgr and end process.i have uploded the config file and log file and looking for saves Config.7z (2.7 KB) Logs.7z (134 Bytes)

Link for saves : Titans - Google Drive

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I have started new game thinking that the issue was something to do with the size of the city, i was playing ok for about 30 min and the game hanged again the same way as above.

i have this crash happening every time i want to play this game and i dont know what to do. this is maybe bcs this crash is related to i thinkg the large map but i dont know.
sorry if i trash write this in this post :confused:

LowLevelFatalError [File:Unknown] [Line: 42] FMemoryWriter does not support data larger than 2GB. Archive name: None.

Titan_Win64_Shipping!operator<<() [C:\BuildAgent\work\bdc308496d447b55\Titan\Source\Titan\Core\Save\BYGSaveGame.h:254]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!operator<<() [C:\BuildAgent\work\bdc308496d447b55\Titan\Source\Titan\Core\Save\BYGSaveManager.h:42]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!UBYGSaveManager::SaveMeta() [C:\BuildAgent\work\bdc308496d447b55\Titan\Source\Titan\Core\Save\BYGSaveManager.cpp:210]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!UBYGSaveManager::UpdateMeta() [C:\BuildAgent\work\bdc308496d447b55\Titan\Source\Titan\Core\Save\BYGSaveManager.cpp:199]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!UBYGSaveGame::SaveMeta() [C:\BuildAgent\work\bdc308496d447b55\Titan\Source\Titan\Core\Save\BYGSaveGame.cpp:291]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!UBYGSaveGame::SaveData() [C:\BuildAgent\work\bdc308496d447b55\Titan\Source\Titan\Core\Save\BYGSaveGame.cpp:164]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!ABYGPlayerController::OnSaveGame() [C:\BuildAgent\work\bdc308496d447b55\Titan\Source\Titan\Player\BYGPlayerController.cpp:6707]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!ABYGPlayerController::StartGame() [C:\BuildAgent\work\bdc308496d447b55\Titan\Source\Titan\Player\BYGPlayerController.cpp:2446]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!UBYGCityView::CameraArrivedAtRequestedTargetZoom() [C:\BuildAgent\work\bdc308496d447b55\Titan\Source\Titan\World\Management\Views\BYGCityView.cpp:686]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!ABYGCameraPawn::Update() [C:\BuildAgent\work\bdc308496d447b55\Titan\Source\Titan\Player\Camera\BYGCameraPawn.cpp:594]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!ABYGCameraManager::Tick() [C:\BuildAgent\work\bdc308496d447b55\Titan\Source\Titan\Player\Camera\BYGCameraManager.cpp:610]
Titan_Win64_Shipping!__scrt_common_main_seh() [d:\agent_work\4\s\src\vctools\crt\vcstartup\src\startup\exe_common.inl:288]

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@Ponury you’ll be happy to know we’re beginning to focus our efforts on making the game more performant as we near our one year anniversary of being in Early Access! It’s something we’ve wanted to do for quite a while, but needed to make sure all the systems were in place before really starting to look at it. We’re hoping in the next couple months that these issues will begin to disappear. Thanks for your saves in the meantime, I’ll see what can be found in them.

@DUD3K Thanks for posting - if you have some more information about when that crash occurs, what is going on in your city during the crash, and what version your save file started in, that would be really helpful!

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in the newest update. i tried to play this game for about 3-4 mounths. every update is the same for me. always started a new game. and when the game loads and its zooming to the main hq its crashing, no hud appears just crashes. :confused:

@DUD3K this seems to point to your drive not having enough room to write a save file - have you tried cleaning up some other files on your drive or maybe choosing a different install/save location? Let me know how that works out for you.

i changed it and still it doesnt work :confused:

I would recommend also trying a full uninstall/reinstall of the game if you haven’t already. the next time it crashes could you send a bug report? Thanks!

Ok @DUD3K a programmer got back to me - for now, there isn’t a solid solution, but can I ask you to do a couple things for me?

  1. If you can navigate to %localappdata%\Titan and right-click the 'GameData` folder to display properties and take a screenshot of the size that would be great!
  2. back up that GameData folder to somewhere safe and then delete the original folder out of %localappdata%\Titan and try to start a new game.

If possible, having your GameData folder would also be useful - we can look at it and see what’s going on. If you zip it down and put it in a google drive that should work to attach it to the forums. Thanks!