GAME IDEA: Customizable Weapons/Hybrid Weapons


Will there be an update in the future that allows you to make your own weapon/hybrid weapons? Like it would be cool to attach a sword to a sniper so you could both do melee attacks and shoot the gun, kinda like a bayonet. Or have an assault rifle mixed with a missile launcher? These are just a couple of ideas out of many! Literally, you could make endlessly customizable weapons in a nutshell. That’s all. Thxs.

Customizable weapons would be pretty neat, but it kinda clashes with the way loot works in this game. Adding customization would greatly increase the bloat, especially the way you describe it (not to mention the additional work in animation).

Though I am not opposed to passive attachments like the subsystem for body parts. Perhaps parts that add perks to the weapon, like ammo types, increased accuracy and ammo count, something like that.