Game is awesome! Some feedback

Firstly, what an amazing game! I’m already hooked and love the fresh take on simultaneous turn-based strategy. Everything “clicked” when I realized how to exploit the prediction feature to perfectly time a “break cover, shoot, and scoot back” or time a shield bash to avoid friendly fire.

Secondly, I wanted to share some of my my observations and features wishes, in addition to the other great requests

UI / QoL

  • I struggled with how to add a pilot to a mech frame and how to add a mech to the order of battle
    • One suggestion would be to add a border around those icons, so they look clickable, not just informative.
  • In Base UI, menu is spread to the edges of the screen.
    • On larger screens (e.g. 27" 1440p), my eyes and mouse have to bounce from edge-to-edge, which is somewhat tiresome.
    • I realize this may be an aesthetic choice, to put the mech front-and-center but it reduces usability IMO
  • Hectic battles are great, but hard to analyze
    • With 4 friendlies and 6+ enemies, there are several sub-battles going on and it’s difficult to track everything that happened.
    • If I could replay the last 5s, I could watch more carefully to how to improve.
  • After a battle, I’d prefer the strategic layer be paused.

Feature wishes

  • Pilot leveling / specialization
    • I really liked how XCOM 2 had specialized classes, skill trees and a couple random skills thrown in
    • e.g. melee pilots less likely to be knocked down out, have customizable shield duration; sniper pilots steady faster, etc.

Can’t wait to see the game evolve!