Game launched but only see a black screen

Brought from Epic Games, and tried to launch from both the shortcut and the Epic Game Launcher.

There’s the small splash screen when I launch it. Afterwards it goes full black screen and nothing happens anymore.

There’s no music, or sound when I move the cursor around. I tried the solution from another post here with the Media Feature Pack with no luck.

Ah, and you’re playing on WindowsN? That’s very strange… would it possible to provide your machine specs? Other players have also had issues with the game launching if they have their anti-virus running in the background, which could be another thing to try.

I do not have any anti-virus running in the background.
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro N
AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Eight-Core 3000Mhz

Did you reboot your system after installing the Media Feature pack? I’d also run a full windows update as well

Yeah after I noticed the game didn’t start, I did a full update on windows as well as MFP and did a restart afterwards. I’m going to try to reinstall the game now and I’ll let you guys know if that works.

That did not work either

Okay got it working. Installing using the download link didn’t work, instead I had to go through the windows optional feature path to install the Media Feature Pack.

The Media Feature Pack for N versions of Windows 10 is available for download as an Optional Feature. To install the Media Feature Pack, navigate to Settings > Apps > Apps and Features > Optional Features > Add a Feature and find the Media Feature Pack in the list of available Optional Features. Note, you will not be prompted to restart your computer, but you must restart in order to successfully complete installation of the Media Feature Pack.

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It’s kind of amazing MS made it even more convoluted to install the Media pack…

i m also getting the black screen after i launch the game but experimental branch works can anyone help

I would definitely try disabling antivirus if you have it, as well as making sure the media pack is installed correctly. Let me know if that works for you!

i have already try that as you can seen its not responding i

Can you upload a dxdiag?

Looks like its a laptop. For those situations you generally have to set via the Nvidia Control Panel or the AMD CCC explicility use the built in GPU

Here’s a guide on how to do that

it was working before but after the update it stop working it just gose to black screen Industries of Titan stays on black screen after the launch but Industries of Titan Experimental is working i never have this issue before