Game performance?

My game usually runs fine. But in latter stages the frame rate drops to like 16.
And I checked the resources used:

30% of graphic cards
30-40% of across all cpu cores
2.6 - 3.3 GB of ram

So game runs in diapositives and for no clear reason.
Any suggestions ?

Game runs faster when it uses less ram.

Hi @administrator1 which version are you running on? There are some memory leak fixes in the latest experimental build, but we are not sure how effective they are. We’re currently working very hard to try to diagnose these issues and get them fixed… part of the reason this is hard right now is our teams are working from home, we don’t have access to a wide variety of machines to test on.

I’d like to make clear this is absolutely one of our highest priorities right now - this is affecting so many players and we have had such difficulty reproducing the problems that we may spend even more time in the future trying to resolve the issue. Currently, we have not had time to optimize the game at later stages (150+ workers, very large cities), so one of our tasks in the future will be to optimize some of the later stages of the game in a way that won’t break gameplay. Thank you so much for your patience and feedback on the matter - I understand it’s really frustrating to watch your game performance fall apart after spending hours on a city. We’re doing our best to try to fix these issues for you!

One thing I just noticed with today’s build (.2.13) is that my performance seemed quite good compared to previous builds. At first I thought maybe some kind of optimization had been done, but I actually discovered that it was because my truck traffic was much lower than previously due to the fuel changes. I still had some trucks on the road, but it seemed like they were actually limited by fuel and so there were less of them driving at a time. This gave me a boost from ~20-30 FPS to 60-80FPS, which felt great.

Whenever fuel reserved climbed enough for a full burst of truck traffic things shot back down though, so it seems like the path finding, fuel, and pollution calculation introduced by trucks add up quickly as more of them become active. My city has 55 employees, 34 citizens, and trucks for at around 27 of them just a rough size benchmark.

I also want to chime in more generally on the point of the OP to say that it seems like my system is CPU/memory speed limited with regard to the games current performance. That may be something you all are already aware of, but just like @administrator1 my GPU doesn’t run at its nominal maximum frequency nor does it have high utilization (indicating its waiting on some other part of the system before it can work). System specs are below in case that’s useful.

AMD Ryzen 3600X CPU
16GB 3600 MT/s RAM
Game is running on an SSD.
3440x1440 output resolution

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Im running 0.2.4 version of the game.
And some other thing: every time I place any building the game stops for a few seconds. So It has something to do with that.
And eventually the memory leak shuts down the game.
Sometimes crashing the whole PC.
I have around 150 workers. No ppl becouse polution is to high.

Is it normal at the very start for the game to run in the 30s -40s when totally zoomed out?

RTX2070 Super
16GB Ram