Game powers off my PC

I’ve only ever seen this issue once before many years ago where after running the game for around an hour the PC will just power off as if there was a power cut,
I believe this issue is something to do with the game demanding to much from the GPU or CPU and overloading the PSU causing it to just switch off.
this only happens with industries of titan, all other games in my library of 700 titles have never done this.
error logs don’t show anything.

im running and i5
12 gig ram
and a 650watt PSU

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Generally if your system powers off thats’ more of a hardware or possibly an OS related issue.

I’d run a full windows update as well as update your nvidia drivers as a start

Full spec please with the brand name on each component. Case and number of fans used on the case.

If you pc shut’s off you have 100% a hardware issue or thermal problem, a game cannot be the issue for force shutdown. Dosen’t matter that other games dosent give you this problem but for sure you have one there pal.

Install hardware monitor and keep an eye on the temps. The game in 4K on my sistem take 350W Ryzen 3700X + 2080 Supe + Seasonic PSU 550W, on FHD gos with 170W… this power it’s measured on the wall so because of the PSU that is gold and deliver 90% efficiency you will lose 10% off the wattage mesured and thats the real consumption of the inside compoenents…

I think you have a PSU problem or high temperature hardware (CPU or GPU). Usual force shutdown occur only when thermal protection hit… that could be on CPU GPU or PSU and rare on motherboard chipset, mostly caused by the dust and old thermal paste that is solid now most of the time so do a full clean of your pc and install new paste on CPU and GPU if you have higher temps on them. I recomand Artic Silver MX4.

But the comon problem its that nobody care about their own pc and never clean the dust from CPU an inside componentes, that’s killing them.
You need to install Prime95 and run the the heaviest test “In place large FFT” for about 1h for start the if it dosent crash in paralel Furmark and run it them both for maximum power consumption and if it’s crashing then you have a GPU or PSU problem… your pc will crash 100% after a while if i’m corect but you neet to keep an eye on the temps to identify the problem. If all temps are normal the the PSU it’s the problem.

Later Edit: take out 40W from my power consumtions because that’s the total power consumption with the monitor.

Before your stuff I would check event viewer whats the reason for shutdown.
Usually it says. If it doesn’t its usually a hardware problem.
Then he can go through your advices.

I disagree. I have the same issue. It is definitely possible that a game crashes the PC depending on the programming and what language you use. I have a very stable running PC and since I started playing Industries of Titan Experimental its been crashing every few hours. If I do not run the game then there is no issue.

The game crashing might be a thing but the entire PC would be extremely rare unless theres an underlying issue with your PC

If your entire PC is crashing then you can look at the Event Viewrr and see what particular modules are crashing your system

Whenever my PC shuts off it is because of overheating, which is when the CPU or GPU run too hot.

We are in the process of optimizing the game for CPU, GPU, and memory performance. These improvements are finished on our end, but we aren’t rolling them out until next month because we want to test them for bugs for a whole month since they touch a lot of parts in the game. Hopefully the game will run cooler with the optimizations.

We will continue to optimize the game as well further as well

Hmm your PC could be badly build. Probably need better cooling. Not the games fault. If its not heat from power usage, then you have a faulty part. I guess the programming is just pushing your pc into regions that it cant handle.
I does use all for core on my CPU at about 70%. So it does push up the heat.