Game speed

Hi all, i’ve a problem with game speed. I’ve 8 hour in one game and i receive the attack from 3 enemy ships. During it or after it the game will decrease the speed and become unplayable. It go jerkly.

Sorry for my english

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hi @watta_75 welcome to the forums and thanks for posting! We are aware of this issue, something in ships is causing a problem. Unfortunately the only way currently to solve it is to destroy your ship - the game will immediately speed back up after doing so. You can also try a save and reload. We are working on the issue currently :slight_smile:

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Hi, thank you. Is there the possibility to dismantle the ship saving crew? If ship self destruct all the crew die

@watta_75 in the version of the game you are playing, no, unfortunately not - however, please keep an eye out! We will be adding this functionality very soon :wink:

I think it depends on the internet speed