Gametext has some strings not formatted correcly

During translation, I’ve found in ver 0.40 that some strings were not parsed correctly by the CAT tool I was using. Most of them have some problems of formatting, I’ll report them here:

Ship_Player-L3-04_Description,The heaviest ship on the market currently, it practically defies physics that the Condor even gets off the ground.,

This one has the description not encapsulated in double quotes, so it’s incorrectly parsed.

Ship_Player-L3-05_Description,The Caracaras is a thing of beauty, and the only ship to ever be featured on the cover Titan’s marketing material twice.,

Same as above,

MigrantShip_CSM1_Description,“Originally designed and marketed as ““self-loading”,” but the original crane firmware killed too many dockhands.”"",

Here the double “double quote” for escapaing the character after self-loading is wrong, it should be like: ““self-loading””,

XML_gamemodes_standard_Description,“In Standard Mode, enemy aggression is based off your performance as a corporation.”,

This one is strange, becase the Cat tool recognize one “In Standard Mode” and nothing else, but it seems right. Nonetheless, I’ll report it.

May i suggest the use of the " entity through the entire file? It works well and doesn’t cause any problems with the csv file.

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